Author Topic: Star Wars Ep. 8 Makes Massive Bank in Physical Layout Sales  (Read 217 times)

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Re: Star Wars Ep. 8 Makes Massive Bank in Physical Layout Sales
« Reply #15 on: September 10, 2018, 10:22:21 PM »
  • Do you defend the blatantly anti-capitalism messages they shoved in?
  • What about the anti-male sentiments where no male characters are allowed agency and get their hands slapped if they take the initiative.?
  • Was Star Wars a good place to have a message about animal abuse?
  • What about the mechanics fictional space combat being completely subverted into irrelevancy because of FTL travel being weaponized?
  • Do you think future episodes will be improved by making fuel a consideration, considering we've had 7 other episodes go by without so much as a word of dialogue about it, and the closest we ever got was a three-quarter-second shot of a guy pulling a hose from a X-Wing in Episode 4?
  • What of the hero's journey?  Stories like the original trilogy and the entirety of Harry Potter exemplify the best a person can rise to to fight the ultimate evil.  How has Rey or any other character risen?  Where are their faults and failures?
  • Speaking of the ultimate evil, how does Kylo exemplify that evil now that Snoke is out of the way.  Can there be a greater evil in this story than Snoke?

Using List BBCode like a boss I see. Anyway,

1. There's no "anti-capitalism" message. If there's any message like that, it's an overall "Don't join." Although this was later countered in the movie so it's moot.
2. Like Yoda who has no agency or Luke who saves the base? Or how about Rose who ALSO gets her hand slapped?
3. There's no "animal abuse" message. The message there is don't be dick.
4. Implying there were ANY actual set-in-stone rules about space combat or FTL weaponizing. There's a lot of possible explanations though why light speed weaponization isn't always viable. In terms of the rebel forces, it's because they had shit for resources and hyperdrives aren't exactly cheap.
5. Maybe? It's not something I consider essential to address at all.
6. Why do we have to stick to the Hero's Journey? Why do we have to follow in lockstep with it?
7. Kylo's taken over Snoke's job as the big bad right now. Nothing more to it until at least the next movie.

You wanna know what the REAL message of Episode 8 was? It was about the past and the future. The old and the new, and how we should handle those. That's what the damn movie was about, and everyone apparently totally missed that and instead decided the movie HAD to be pushing some political message.

We shouldn't fight what we hate. We should save what we love. And THEN there's Yoda who flat out say that we should learn from the mistakes of the past and pass on what we've learned. Again though, everyone ignored and went on their stupid little fucking rants about feminism and the oh-so-perfect original trilogy.
If that reply is good enough for you, then so be it, but I was hoping you'd put some effort into the reply and try to change my mind.  Almost all of it was just handwaving away things I considered problems or writing the story for the writers.   That's not your job (a counterpoint I'm taking from the mauler videos, so credit where its due) and you can use arguments on those lines forever and not really lose, because you're staying in purely hypothetical territory. Story telling is supposed to have a structure and you should only break from it if you're certain the conventional methods are not needed (see pulp fiction).  Starwars needs convention, beciase the audience will be lost in the infinite of space without an anchor to ground them. 
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Re: Star Wars Ep. 8 Makes Massive Bank in Physical Layout Sales
« Reply #16 on: September 11, 2018, 12:16:56 AM »
I never saw TLJ, because an annual Star Wars got old after "Rogue One". Never saw Solo either. Maybe I'll see if it it comes to Netflix.

Oh wait, it is on Netflix.