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Sanctuary FAQ

Last updated by: Arnox on 11/23/2018

This page is for, you guessed it, frequently asked questions... Alright, maybe I haven't been actually been asked some of these questions yet, but eh. My forum and stuff.

I will update this page as needed.

Q: Help! Someone here has been impersonating me/posting false information! You need to ban them/remove the false content!
A: I'm sorry to say this but Sanctuary will not be monitoring whether or not someone or the things they say or do are 'legit', with the exception of any official Sanctuary-endorsed content. Anything posted should be taken as is and we cannot guarantee the accuracy of anything posted by members on the site nor can or should we involve ourselves in the sticky issue of verifying people's actual identity (barring alt accounts). Having said that, keep in mind, if you feel like someone is posting BS or is BS, feel free to make a thread in the appropriate sub-forum about it. When it comes to issues of fake or real information or posters, these will be delegated to the members themselves.

Q: What are all the posting ranks?
A: The posting ranks are as follows:

Ghost: 0
Outlander: 1-19
Adherent: 20-99
Devotee: 100-249
Disciple: 250-499
Arch Disciple: 500-999
Zealot: 1000-1499
Commandant: 1500-1999
Veteran: 2000-4999
Master: 5000-Infinity

Q: Help! I can't post images!
A: In order to prevent certain types of nasty spam from being posted by sleeper accounts, all users will not be able post images until they've made at least 10 posts. I'm sorry, I know it's a pain, but getting to 10 posts will go quickly. I swear.

Q: Can we have a Thanks/Reputation/Upvote-downvote system here?
A: I have seen a whole lot of rep systems in my time on the 'netz and all of them have been retarded. A normal rep system where it keeps a total of all the rep you earned leads to reputation spam. A thanks system where it only keeps track of the thanks given to each post is hardly better.

What it leads to is friends upvoting each other just because they're friends, funny posts getting thanked instead of the more smart and thoughtful posts, posts getting upvoted because it tells people what they want to hear instead of what they should be hearing, posts getting downvoted because it tells people what they should be hearing instead of what they want to be hearing, and posts deserving of upvotes not getting them simply because they're on the last page of posts and some users TL;DRing all posts past the first or second pages. Not to mention the small amounts of drama it causes when someone gets a lot of or all the upvotes and another doesn't, no matter how intelligent or well they conduct themselves simply because of something that happened in the past and people are holding a grudge...

So... No, there will not ever be a rep system.

Q: Can you change my username?
A: We will not be doing this, barring two exceptions. One, being that you accidentally named your account wrong upon registration, and two being that personally identifying information is in the username.