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Site Rules (The 7 Deadly Sins of Sanctuary)

Last updated by: Arnox on 7/13/2022

Welcome to the Sanctuary! By signing up for this forum you agree to these rules listed below. In addition to the rules below, the site staff do not condone and are in no way liable for anything that is posted or is a result of something that has been posted on this site. We aren't your momma, but we recommend that you not post evidence of any crimes or incriminate yourself. The rules listed below are mostly set-in-stone and form the core of our ideals. What is allowed and what is not. They have been developed to address any issues that may arise.

Please use common sense when posting. We encourage proper forum etiquette when posting or making a new thread but will not enforce it. When posting please use our powerful quoting tools or edit your post to avoid multiposting. Proper spelling and grammar is also strongly encouraged.

We use a combination of infractions and bans to deal with rule violations. For small violations we give out infractions. For more severe or recurring violations we will ban users based on the severity of the violation. When a user here is infracted, they have three days from the time they have been infracted in which they cannot violate any rules again at all. If the three days pass without violation, the users infraction level is reset completely. If three days have not passed though and they violate the rules again, they will be banned with the length determined by the member of staff who bans them.

We may let some minor violations slide if we feel they are not disrupting the community overly much. If in doubt, Private Message a member of staff for clarification before making your post.

Account and Post Deletion:

We will not delete your account or your posts by request. There are only two exceptions and that is if there is personally identifiable information in a post or posts or if you have accidentally multiposted. Besides that, what you post here is, for the most part, permanent and is backed up frequently.

The Seven Deadly Sins of Sanctuary:

You will be banned without warning and, if applicable, the offending posts will be removed for the following.

  • #1 - Flooding, a form of spam, which is posting the same attachments, videos, images, and/or text repeatedly. It can also include posting incredibly long posts without any substantial content.
  • #2 - Child pornography (CP), which can be defined as attachments, images, videos, or links to such of anyone nude and under the age of 18, no matter what the context and sexually suggestive attachments, images, videos or links to such of anyone under the age of 18 with partial clothing. (Bikinis, etc.)
  • #3 - Attachments, images, videos, or links to in-real-life bestiality.
  • #4 - Personal information (PI) of any users on Sanctuary, which is anything that can be used to identify a user or their family members IRL. The only exception to this is if someone posts their own PI publicly on the site. That is it.
  • #5 - Advertising your own site, service, or thing unless cleared to do so by an admin or global mod. This also includes people affiliated with the creation, maintenance, or advertisement of a site, service, or thing.
  • #6 - Breaking into and/or attempting to deface and/or damage the site or its host in any way, or publicly admitting to breaking into and/or attempting to in any unlawful way manipulate a site that's unrelated to Sanctuary IF the staff from that site ask the admins of Sanctuary to crack down on such. Hidden malware in attachments also come under this rule.
  • #7 - Ban evading, which is making another account in order to circumvent your ban and continuing to post on the site. If you are caught ban evading, your alt account will be permabanned and length of the ban on your original will be increased if it is a temporary ban.

You may be infracted for the following:

  • Blatantly derailing a thread and going completely against the conversation flow or constantly derailing threads with the purpose of harassing users.
  • Bumping a thread that has gone 3 days or more without replies unless you legitimately have something to ask or contribute.
  • Completely nonsensical posts or threads.
  • Making phony post reports.
  • Constantly and willfully posting threads in the wrong sub-forum.

Other things you should know:

  • DO NOT trust attachments posted on Sanctuary by default. Sanctuary staff is NOT RESPONSIBLE for any damages that occur to you directly or indirectly due to what people upload to the Sanctuary site.
  • If you post a thread that is not fitting in a sub forum, it will be moved by a member of staff.
  • If you constantly post threads that are very long and fall under a specific subject yet still have content, we may merge such threads into one cumulative one so the forums are kept neat.
  • If pornographic images or videos are posted in a thread but the material posted goes with the conversation flow and the material isn't against Sanctuary rules, the thread will simply be moved to the Flesh Art sub-forum.
  • If something could be considered CP according to the above rules, but clearly isn't treated that way culturally, such as the album art for Nevermind by Nirvana, get mod approval first.
  • Signatures must be reasonably sized and any profile elements must also conform to the rules of Sanctuary as well as not having any nudity shown. If offending users keep having such elements in their profile after they have been told to change it by a member of staff, they will lose their profile customization privileges completely for an indefinite period of time.
  • Users asking to be banned will be banned anywhere from a day to permanently determined by the member of staff who bans them regardless of the length the user might have asked for.
  • If you repeatedly violate a rule or rules, you will probably be banned for a very long time or permabanned.

If you feel you've been punished unfairly, you may contact an admin about it by email. (arnox@intosanctuary.com) HOWEVER, keep in mind that most, if not all of the time, an admin (me included) will stand by a global moderator's decision. We pick our staff VERY carefully and hold them to a rigorous standard. For more information on this subject, please see our Staffing Policies page.