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  • FromSoftware added Wheel Skeletons into Armored Core 6 - Fire spewing, missile launching, rocket boosted robot Wheel Skeletons
    Came by an ebay listing with the following item description:
    This is old store stock from my happy face collection, which I always enjoyed because it makes you happy. The person who originated the happy face never was able to collect the millions that were made off of his creation. Or his family Sad…..
    >looks up overhead projector film on amazon
    >finds ~30 reviews sharing dead loved ones crafted onto christmas ornaments
    "There can't be this many people eager to show off dead family baubles on the internet, has to be a marketing scheme"
    And then the dread sets in
    Are you fascinated by digital cards? Physical cards too? Do you curate an offline card database or do you publish it online and expect to always be able to connect?
    Only the video game ones with single player campaigns. I'm not into physical trading card games as they require lots of financial investment. Its not like I had these in storage or something. I've been posting them as I make em but I do keep copies (pngs/txt) as it helps account for the posting restrictions. My plan is to just cover all the PSP titles excluding yugioh so expect a List every so often
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