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Game Server List

Last updated by: Arnox on 01/06/2023

A modded 1.19.3 Minecraft server that plays pretty much exactly like full vanilla and is designed to able to run completely disconnected from Microsoft/Mojang servers without security or reliability issues.

If you are a new player, type /register <your new password here> to tie a password to your player name. You cannot do a single thing without logging in except chat. If you are a returning player, type /login <password> to login. If you bought Minecraft officially and set a skin, use /setskin <UUID or Official Player Name> to make the server fetch your skin from the Mojang servers. This only needs to be done once but can be updated by typing /skinupdate When you die on this server, you will not lose any items or experience, and mobs cannot "grief", as in, damage or destroy the world.

This server is admined by Arnox directly and abides by the full Sanctuary site-wide rules. You can grief, but be prepared to have all your hard griefing work be undone at any time for literally any reason. Op will not be given on request except to Sanctuary Legends and other prestigious folk. Only Sanctuary members registered to the site can be in Creative. Anyone can set the server difficulty with /difficulty, but if there are fights about this, difficulty privileges will be revoked for a day and the difficulty will be randomized.

TL;DR - Follow the very short login instructions given when joining the server. Abide by the Sanctuary rules. You keep your stuff when you die. Difficulty can be set by players. Griefing is allowed but not encouraged and can be reset at any time for any reason.

Quick commands and coordinates to get to places:
/tp 40 69 185 - Spawn House
/tp 24 74 647 - Monkee and Battousai's Houses
/tp 281 66 792 - Shrek Shack
/tp 197 64 536 - Arnox's House
/tp 309 62 345 - Gaijinkaiju's House
/tp 241 69 -353 - Desert Pyramid
/tp 10 87 78 - (Nether Only) Nether Portal House
/tp -1908 62 5971 - Gauche's Legit Handcrafted House
/execute in minecraft:overworld run teleport 40 69 185 - Teleport out of the Nether

If you would like to add a specific place here, let Arnox know.