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Staffing Policies

Last updated by: Arnox on 11/23/2018



Who gets picked as staff here is treated INCREDIBLY seriously. If the admins pick someone to be staff (all staff members must be approved by the existing admin or admins), it will be because they have excelled completely. The people we pick must be model posters. We will only accept the best and will expect a lot out of them no matter who they are. They will be held to a very high standard but, as a result, they will BE the standard and will also hold a very high level of respect from me and the other admins. They are the keepers of the Sanctuary.

In case there's any doubt though, I want to make it clear that I don't care if I can't find anyone suitable for a staff position. I don't care if I have to take care of the entire site myself, and I don't care if I can't keep up all the way. I will never promote unsatisfactory posters to a staff position because I have to. It will always be because I want them to be there.

I also know though that I am, sadly, imperfect. As such, the people I pick in the future may disgrace themselves. And if there's another thing I want to make clear, it's that if someone is acting too out of hand, I will not hesitate to demote that person back to peasant level. Keep in mind though that even if you've been demoted, you can still earn your honor back and be repromoted. But it will be hard. And it will get much harder each time you are demoted.

Just remember, if you want to join the staff, make sure you're active, professional, literate, and at least somewhat courteous. It also helps to inject a little bit of style into your posts, you know, so I know you're not some weird robot.