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Site FAQ v2.0
« on: May 09, 2014, 07:52:18 AM »
This thread is for, you guessed it, frequently asked questions. Well, OK, maybe I haven't been actually been asked some of these questions yet. But TOO BAD. My forum and stuff.

I will update this thread as needed.

Q: Help! Someone here has been impersonating me/posting false information! You need to ban him!
A: I'm sorry to say this but Sanctuary will not be monitoring whether or not someone or the things they say is 'legit'. Any information posted should be taken as is and we cannot guarantee the accuracy of anything posted by members on the site nor can or should we involve ourselves in the sticky issue of verifying people's actual identity (barring alt accounts).

Now, having said that, keep in mind two things.

1. It looks like we aren't actually needed to verify someones identity since you guys have proven yourselves to be effective at sniffing out clones anyway.

2. If you feel like someone is posting BS or is BS, feel free to make a thread in the appropriate sub-forum about it. When it comes to issues of fake or real information or posters, these will be delegated to the members themselves.

Q: How can I set what topics show up in the 'Show unreal posts link/Recent Posts bar'?
A: Go to your Profile Summary. In that, next to Profile Info, there's a tab that's labeled, "Modify Profile". Hover your mouse over that and that will bring up a box. Then simply click on Ignore Boards Options. And there you go. Just select whatever boards you want to not show up in the Recent Posts bar and etc.

Q: What are all the posting ranks?
A: The posting ranks are as follows:

Outlander: 1-19
Adherent: 20-99
Devotee:  100-249
Disciple: 250-499
Arch Disciple: 500-999
Zealot: 1000-1499
Commandant: 1500-1999
Veteran: 2000-4999
Master: 5000-Infinity

Q: How can I configure my theme/turn off signatures/have it not warn on new replies made while posting/etc.?
A: Profile > Summary > Modify Profile > Look and Layout

I would highly recommend looking through all the options in Modify Profile though so you know where everything is and can configure it to your liking.

Q: Can we have a Thanks/Reputation system here?
A: I have seen a whole lot of rep systems in my time on the 'netz and all of them have been retarded. A normal rep system where it keeps a total of all the rep you earned leads to reputation spam. A thanks system where it only keeps track of the thanks given to each post is hardly better.

What it leads to is friends upvoting each other just because they're friends, funny posts getting thanked instead of the more smart and thoughtful posts, posts getting upvoted because it tells people what they want to hear instead of what they should be hearing, and posts deserving of upvotes not getting them simply because they're on the last page of posts and some users TL;DRing all posts past the first or second pages. Not to mention the small amounts of drama it causes when someone gets a lot of or all the upvotes and another doesn't, no matter how intelligent or well they conduct themselves simply because of something that happened in the past and people are holding a grudge...

So no, there will not be a rep system.

Q: What data do you use and how do you use it?
A: Besides obviously your IP address, we use your email for notifications, annndddd that's about it. Any other personal information is completely optional to put in and is easily changeable and removable. You do need a valid email, but you can change this to anything you desire. If things change and we ever require more information, all users will be notified of this beforehand, but the honest likelihood of this happening are close to zero. We like how users can remain anonymous, should they choose.

Q: Can you change my username?
A: We will not be doing this unless special circumstances are in order.

Which are:
- You accidentally named your account wrong upon registration.
- Personally identifying information is in the username.
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Re: Site FAQ v2.0
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Bump. Added a data usage policy. I don't think we really need it since it's pretty self-explanatory and dead simple but I like things neat and tidy, and I want to make it clear that we value privacy.