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Top 6 Most Annoying Things in Pokemon


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As a game designer, developer and programner myself, whom has played a wide variety of monster collector JRPGs, there are quite a few things I am certain of.

One of those is that alot of these annoyances go back to Pokemon just having alot of poor game design to its battle system or vagueness to its lore consistency.

With Grass resisting Electric, there is a pseudoscience to that. Wood (from plants like trees) is an insulator. I.e. it does not conduct electricity too well.

With Poison Sting, other monster collectors have much more reliable methods to guarantee and boost burn or poison damage. However, those games are also designed so you have more ways to clear themwith Healer support. Pokemon does not really have that kind of freedom. Abilities like Natural Cure and moves like Heal Bell have pretty awkward distribution and require bigger commitments to use on anything that isn't Chansey, Blissey or Clefable. Heck, part of why Clefable is good in Singles meta is cuz Magic Guard negates any indirect damage including Poison. You also have the infamous Gliscor and its Poison Heal Ability.

The bit about random crits making things "interesting" is also a total crock.
Other monster collectors make ways to use and abuse and have counterplay to crits far more open to the player.
For example, in Yo-Kai Watch 3, there is a Yo-Kai called Righteous Zazel. His Skill makes it so he gets a guaranteed priority crit attack action after switching in. Also there are hold items like Soul Gems that can boost crit damage by an extra 50% percent and the damage formula ignores Defense calculation and Dedense buffs on crit.
Under Pokemon's system, such a thing would be incredibly broken but alot of factors in Yo-Kai Watch 3's system holds it back.
For one, the Skill only works once per battle. You cannot spam it. Second, in official competitive YKW3, teams are limited to a max of 2 S Ranks snd 2 A Ranks per team. Righteous Zazel is an S Rank, so you would only be able to dmhave 2 on a team at max. Thirdly, there is a LOT of counterplay against crit damage in YKW3. Low Ranks like Mochismo and Minochi are pretty bulky and get a DEF and STR buff whenever they are hit by a crit or Rockabelly and Peckpocket being immune to crit multipliers.
Pokemon, on the other hand, does not have much freedom or reliable counterplay to crits. Shell Armor is an Ability that negates crit multipliers but the Pokemon that get it usually prefer to run something else. Cloyster may have massive Defense and Shell Armor, but it is on the more viable side in most places cuz of Skill Link and Shell Smash. Mega Slowbro may get Shell Armor as its only Ability option but Mega Slowbro does not exist as an option at all, currently. Probably the only good thing Game Freak has done with crits is no longer making their rares calced based on Speed stats in RBY so moves like Razor Leaf and Slash could guarantee crit damage with no drawbacks.

Random encounters are just outdated in their traditional design. Plenty of other games have innovated or improved in ways that make them far less of a hassle. For example, the indie game Disc Creatures makes it so you can see a mysterious shadow where the monster is and you can walk around it. If it catches you or you walk into it, THEN the monsters you see are randomized. It also helps that that game has a bit more variety so constantly seeing one monster species is less an issue and the game is designed so you WANT to encounter more of a species when you can anyway.

TMs are also just bad in hindsight. Disc Creatures gives every monster its own pool of moves you always have access to and can switch between before battles whenever you want as long as they are at a high enough level or you unlocked that move.

IRL code events are also handled way better by Yo-Kai Watch games. In the 3DS YKW games, Level-5 made good use of the 3DS' camera functions and QR code reader so you could gets tons of ingame content, special monsters, items, areas, quests, etc. Ironic, since Pokemon bothered to go heavier on QR code functions in Sun and Moon after Yo-Kai Watch 2 outsold Pokemon ORAS in Japan, but you never got much from the feature.
I've never heard of YKW. Interesting. Kind of another reminder of how the Japan gaming market is much more different to the US gaming market than one would think.


I've never heard of YKW. Interesting. Kind of another reminder of how the Japan gaming market is much more different to the US gaming market than one would think.
It's quite a respectable game series.

It's alot of factors that pile up to what is arguably a completely unjustified disdain many western gamers have when it comes to monster collectors and alot of it is rooted in ignorance.

Americans are stereotypically far less willing to play other monster collectors besides Pokemon either for nostalgia bias or baseless claims of other games like PalWorld or Digimon ripping off their ideas.

If the Japanese had adopted that same mindset, Pokemon likely never would have garnered such success to begin with, let alone the Digimon virtual pets or Yo-Kai Watch 2 outselling Pokemon ORAS since so many features, monster designs and game design are ultimately ideas or concepts Game Freak "ripped off" from Dragon Quest games the developers played and loved as kids from their OWN nostalgia.


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