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Shattered: Tale of the Forgotten King - Memorem Text



Only you are obsessed with knowledge.

Quote attributed to Promethean Eibon arh Astyr

The holographic light reflected on his alabaster skin. I could
still hear the distant melody of the Artists playing a
symphony in the Agora, half-conscious, intoxicated by the
bewildering presence of the Hero before me. His powerful
Medarchial hands caught my hips and pushed me against
the metal. His fingers traveled through my hair as I grabbed
his throat with the belligerence I had learned in his own
training camps. Our breathless rattles and voracious
wrestling turned days into nights as we melded into one;
until our exhausted bodies were forced to stop, leading to
what felt like rebirth.

Medarch Valnir's student
Entry 1083

We are going too fast. We keep moving forward as if gravity
was on the verge of swallowing us. As if we had to master the
galaxy before it was too late. Yet, we have fought all our wars.
We have defeated all our enemies. The Ones from Elsewhere
will never come back. The mad Priest and his Titans will
never come back. The Qrh'Shan and the Herd will never
come back. We know this for certain. This industrial race is
senseless. We are being devoured by the Five's insatiable
scientific curiosity.

Medarch Valnir's student
Entry 1236

I had traveled through forgotten paths tor days, weeks and
months to reach the Thousand-Door Palace.
A place where only silence reigned now. Where the wind
had stopped and the tides retreated with the Great Rift.

And here stood before me this towering pyramid of onyx
and obsidian—the divine home where once echoed every
whisper of the world.
So vast that the greatest city of any kingdom would only be
an anteroom in comparison.
Peculiar green lights shone from inside the building,
pulsating through the circular openings of the floating
The lost reverberations of an empty throne. . .

And here I was, bathed in my mist of past and future
memories, standing in this mythical place that remained,
The only location anyone in Hypnos could have found
with no map or compass back when the King still reigned.

And I remember the silence in my soul.
The bitter raindrops in the wind.

Student of the Medarch Valnir
Entry 1301]

It was dark.
I waited still, my muscles wrapped in bandages, almost like
some sort of statue in wet tatters.
My fingers were burning from holding my saber so tight.

The rock formations were dripping from above, water
running down through the cracks in my mask, blinding me
a bit more with each drop that made its way through.

Another time would have seen me admire this temple lost in
the winding paths of a nameless city, its soaked floor like a
memory from my home country.
But not in this moment. Not as my life depended on the
silence of my breath and the cramping of my still limbs.

For I knew it was here. It could not have been anywhere

Amidst the shadows of the many columns, I heard a
whisper. A rustle in the air.

And reality was torn apart.

It leapt out of the still patches under the onyx slabs with a
crash of black splinters and aqueous sprays.
For an instant suspended in time, I saw my insignificant
form facing the colossus.
From its chitin belly emerged a monstrous maw arrayed in
impossible fangs that let out a scream that tore through
every layer of the Ether, down to my very bones.

I wiped my steamy mask with my sleeve.

I had a breath's time to strengthen my guard before it
swooped on me with a sinister snap of its gigantic

Student of the Medarch Valnir
Entry 1306]

... And so, our civilization is organized within eight castes
and two circles. None of the eight prevail over the others,
and each one gains power when their turn comes or the
situation calls for it.

The Sentientists handle the research and development of
sentient technologies and conscious matter.

The Geodesists observe and study the biosphere, they
preserve and optimize our worlds' resources.

The Archons protect our realms and seek complete martial
perfection in all its forms.

The Architects build our cities, both on the ground and in
the skies, skillfully melding beauty with function.

The Genesists handle the sensitive and primordial science of
heredity. They manage and assign our births justly and in
optimal fashion.

The Logicians oversee digital sciences, the improvement of
the artificial consciousness and intelligence with which we
share our lives.

The Engineers manage all industrial and mechanical plans.
They ensure our most essential systems remain efficient and
constantly improving.

The Cosmodesists explore the cosmos and study material
and non-Euclidian dimensions.

...two circles formed by the Crafters and Artists. Every single
person is free to leave their own caste to join another, or to
enter a circle, For personal fulfillment is to remain the
cornerstone of our society's betterment.

Each caste and circle will elect three of its most respected
members, and these thirty Astyr shall become the
Decahedron, the guiding light of our civilization.

... four Logicians from the Tetrahedron pledge to Forever
serve our Cardinal Lords. It is now the physical and virtual
reality of these venerable beings.

... Decahedron Hypnos watches. Blessed by its gaze, we
march towards all the great answers...

... And among us are the Five, who guide our doubts and
escort our meandering.

There is Yig, the One who Guides. The great Mind. A
Master Geodesist, the only one to have uncovered the
mysteries of consciousness. His thoughts outline our
research and his advice illuminates the seas that swallow our

There is Eibon, the One who Knows. The great Interface.
Queen of the wise, her body was made to house all of the
world's knowledge. She solidifies and evolves every aspect
of our understanding.

There is Kaamos, the One who Revives. The King of Souls.
The guardian of our memories and of our chosen
immortalities, he sets our consciousness free from any form
of endings.

There is Choronzon, the One who Travels. The Door and
the Key. The architect of our potential bliss, this perfect
synthetic body projected through time and space anchors
our existence.

There is Jurgen, the One who Protects. The Extinction. His
bleak gaze lands on the world with the strength of the
celestial void.

When the network opened, while the infinity of data from
the Prior Future was flowing, something got in.

We don't have names for those entities, those ghosts
roaming in the ocean of information. Some are harmless,
faint and mute shadows who seem to have no goal. Others
are predatory and hunt the living. I'm scared of connecting
to the Agora now, and scared of sleeping with my neural
key on.

One night, I met one of them. He spoke with rales and
croaky whispers through his skeletal mask. He told me he
came from a far and primitive time, from a misty city where
his peers heaped up, an open air cesspit of famine and
disease. He spoke of a violent and unequal world, of a future
without knowledge or wisdom, barbaric and hopeless. He
was himself a destitute, led by morbid instincts to commit
horrific acts. He was a killer, and his victims... My God, he
was stealing their faces.

He said he was a Dreamer, capable of taking a monstrous
astral form to torture the minds of others during his sleep.
He was hanged for his crimes.

How such a creature could find itself here, in our days, I can
not understand. We have opened a breach, a gate to
nameless times. Phantoms and monsters get through
sometimes, coming to show what the future will look like
without us.

I have to fight, as any Astyr citizen, to prevent this horrible
world from happening. Above all, we must cease observing
the abyss of impious knowledge stagnating in the depths.
He spared me, and I'll never know why.

But these faces, these expressions of fear and suffering
hanging at his side like blood-covered rags... I know them.

Stay away from the Raven.

[Unknown identity - Unclassified memory entry]

Let's stop to reflect on a paradox brought to light by recent
history and its numerous tragedies:
The last war, during which we triumphed over the Shahn
empire at the cost of many lives and much destruction, was
one of the greatest obstacles the Astyr have ever faced.

One could understand why the Dualists consider this vile,
cruel, dictatorial, torturing and exploitative race, to which
more adjectives could be added, to be the incarnation of
absolute Evil. Primordial, even. With hindsight, they could
be grouped together with those who once drove us against
the Ones from Elsewhere, the Outsiders, cursed be their
name, although our records are slim on the subject.
In conclusion, if the Universe is filled with many species that
demonstrate aggressive instinct towards us and would
annihilate us for millennia, should we not link their
existence, as we do with everything that ever was, is and will
be, to the King's wishes?

If we accept this as true, we may then question whether His
kindness is absolute.

How could a merciful and benevolent God wish or allow
for such calamities to befall His children. except to test us
under some terrifyingly cynical kind of logic.

If it is false, then His power is not absolute and the Universe
and its darkness is not His sole creation.
This would mean that our wise men and holy texts have
long made use of a consecrated lie that we must deconstruct
if we hope to survive.
We are facing the threat of terrible forces of unknown
numbers that lay hidden in dark corners of time and space.
It is clear that these forces could one day overwhelm our
courage and science, but it seems even more evident that we
have been governed by mystical tyrants and a false God that
would keep us prisoners of their terrible obscurantism.

Noah arh Gheri


I am losing my senses.
Standing alongside Promethean Choronzon is a long and
daily march tittering on the edge of the abyss. A journey half-
promised by a sleeping guide whose consciousness drifts
between worlds behind closed eyelids. I am adrift on the edge
of the void.

Devar the Arrogant

Everything is perfect.

Such beauty and peace.

These mountains will guard my remains, and this volcano
my last words.

What great sentries for such insignificant heritage.

I have remained loyal to our Creators until the end, despite
the Anagnoresy. Contrary to what the Apocryphals think -
and I still cannot understand their obstinacy - the
Prometheans had... or rather have a bigger goal.
A grand scheme that transcends our understanding. I know
they see beyond our individual realities.

If one day someone gets a hold of these fragments of
memory, know this:
The Astyr were a great civilization. Our leaders were just
and loving.
The limitations of our understanding kept our eyes on the
path and away from the horizon.

Stranger, know this:
You do not matter.
At the end of Time, They will live on forever.

Legiarch of the Fourth Legion

-... - What did you see?

- Fire, always.

- What does it mean?

- There is still time.

- You've said that before. After all we did, nothing

- You doubt.

- Is it not my purpose? I lack Choronzon‘s apathy or Eibon's
faith. I believe in you, but I am scared of this future only
you can see. What if you're wrong?

- Mistakes imply choice—or subjectivity.

- You think you‘re infallible.

- I do not matter. Only you can decide what to do with my

- And so you're never responsible... You remain sited on
your throne, no matter what happens?
Why reject your own free will when you could accomplish
so much? You could change it all.

- Your vision is linear, so that you may act, free from
Your will alone shapes the world. Me, I cannot be both
omnipotent and omniscient.
You understood that, as they all did, but long before them,
and that knowledge now aches you.
I understand your resentment.

- I'm scared. I fear the pain past and the one still to come.
The sadness. the anger.
The loss. All those deaths, brother... So many lies hidden
under the surface of civilization.
I'm scared I will fail despite our efforts and sacrifices.

- You are scared to be human.

Calm your heart.

Nothing else can save us. »

Network recording - Identification impossible

The 4 Cardinal Lords must be maintained, no matter the
As a Logician Priest, I hereby lay down my knowledge: the
Astyr shall never forget the crucial significance of the
To those who come next, no matter the brutality of the
cataclysm that befalls my contemporaries,


If they stop, our civilization falls.
I already see it going up to the edge.
The Decahedron can no longer calm the Agora down. Even
Yiamal the Great Dream and her Artist squadrons can only
bring harmony to our hearts through accidental splutters.
(It is said that the Medarch's pupil gathers his troops in
Ishtar while the Logician Exarch II stays silent, unbothered
by the calls of the High 1. I don't know where we are
I ignore the origin of the wrath.

Preserve the Four Lords, no matter the cost. They handle
gravity and magnetic fields. They allow our engineering to
evolve quickly enough for bliss to endure.
And for our sciences to thrive with our minds as the only
If they become separated, regather them. If they become
destroyed, rebuild them.
Their matrices allow for our cities to function.
If my life were to serve only one purpose, let it be this.


V Matrices = core heart of Devesh
Remember the Golden Age.

Logician Priest Tallenos,
the Over-Watcher.

Nothing can prepare us for the harrowing feelings that
gnaw at our bones when the greater good entails decisions
condemned by the world.

The virion is ready.

The ambition of our evolution requires heavy sacrifices.
And yes, these ambitions are theirs too, no matter what they

The generations replaced will be celebrated, forever. And
while a cursed chosen few will carry this memory, all others
will bloom under the peaceful light of ignorance. I envy the

Do not be mad at me, for my work brings us closer to bliss.
Hypnos will reign forever.

First Genesist Exarch

I knew Quin Doloss.

Met him a few times would be more accurate. He always
seemed honest, gentle,jovial and determined, less serious
than most Archons his rank. His relationship with Yantra is
old, and seems to remain somewhat infantile, competitive
with chivalrous accents. For long they were a balanced duo,
leaving their mark on history in the best way. They were
living examples for many.

Something has changed.

We ran into each other recently in Qmran, for the
Daggerant unveiling. Kovah greeted him, and I wouldn't
have recognized him without it. His behaviour was
troubling, all tense and seductive. His eyes were sharp but
cold, his intonations strangely smooth and deep. When he
spoke, I listened carefully, but the fascination on Kovah's
face made my unease grow. She was drinking his words,
and I felt like a terrible seed was hiding there.

Seeing him later in the assembly, taking his place back at
Yantra's side and murmuring something in his ear, I saw
him as he was: a true eminence grise with insidious power
held entirely in his soft whispers.

I believe there are in the academic circles fundamental
questions that remain rarely asked.
I do not discount the possibility of a form of censorship
beyond holy reverence.
My research has brought forward but rare instances of non-
poetic doubt or questioning regarding the Ancient Truth.

Our scientific knowledge grows at incredible speeds in
every area, and yet a quick survey is enough for me to
question certain paradigms.

It is said in our holy texts that Hypnos, the Uncreated, made
the world in a gesture, initiating the causal mechanisms that
led to our birth and evolution.
I may not be casting doubt upon the King and
Prometheans' parenthood towards us, but I am suggesting
we might be giving undue credit to false certitudes.
Regarding the Universe, the Cosmodesists have long since
dated its birth to 9.8 billion years ago. We can imagine that
its long structuring process, carefully overseen by Hypnos
and the Prometheans as to be ready to welcome life, is
something we cannot possibly comprehend.

However, according to late Geodesist Hennach arh Qoth,
the mineral composition and primal engravings found in
Narayana would date the city to just three thousand years,
when our liturgy claims it was built soon after Creation.
Even if we consider the possibility of miscalculation, which
would be surprising coming from a Medarch, I am
surprised by the lack of serious studies that would counter
such claims on a scientific basis, rather than religious.

Memorem of Selim arh Qoth, Geodesist

I have discovered something, although I do not know if my
mind can handle such knowledge, or if I am already
doomed to inescapable madness.
I feel myself slipping. As if the floor, no, the entire planet
was crumbling under my feet, ready to drop me down into
the infinite chasm of the void.
I am losing my senses. This Memorem shall be my last.

Down the farthest depths of the network, there are ancient
sectors hiding in digital darkness no one is meant to
The only way to get there is through the use of a Cardinal
Key, and I shall overcome the challenges and pains that were
necessary for me to acquire this artifact.
Those mean nothing in comparison to the metaphysical
terror I find myself facing now.

I shall overcome these visions of vertiginous digital temples,
of non-Euclidian fortresses inset within other structures that
would shatter the boundaries of anyone's imagination.
Endless libraries and archives sheltering the knowledge of
millennia, of lost civilizations, of future existence.
Their barbaric and impious knowledge is watched over by
nightmarish creatures—distorted specters torn away from
time itself.
I survived long enough to gaze into the tesseract, inside
Eibon's heart. I have seen the face of truth.

Our ideals are pathetic—our dreams are abject.

The knowledge and progress we have pursued for so long
are but chimeras leading us to absolute terror. The future is
dead and its ghosts reign over us.
Everything is red.

Apocryphal Memorem - Prohibited

I am sometimes unaware of the hate that drives him.

He shared his findings with the eloquence and charisma he's
known for, and yet I feel some things have yet to be said.
His illusory gaze speaks louder than words.

He has changed so much, now that he leads us down such
strange paths...

... and we stand with him, although we sometimes question
the scope of his wrath.
But it does not matter.
His anger is justified.
The truth must be known.

Noth the Empty
Apocryphal Legiarch
Entry 1545

I hang on to one last hope.

Might be folly, but it is my duty...
My entire life was dedicated to protecting life,
consciousness... at the very least.
I have this deep feeling that this was present in my genes
from the start, as maybe were my entire personality and
choices up to this point.

This thought unsettles me, so I prefer to chase it away. Only
the present matters. Everything else is false.

What's left of my group is made up of other Genesists,
Sentientists and even one Logician who's still capable of
thinking for himself.
Some of them are brilliant... Together, we have the
resources and knowledge to carry out this project before...

All the Codices still intact that are scattered across the solar
system remain connected to the Network.
If we manage to channel enough energy through the station
to amplify their areas of effect and trigger them all
simultaneously, it would create a limbic siphon of
astronomical proportions. Every single Codex would
become a “well" of entry.

This could perform a memory save on upwards of
thousands, maybe even millions of individuals... and
archive them within the Network.

I do not know whether the servers will survive the
destruction of our worlds, or if this method will succeed in
the reproduction of complete digital consciousness—for as
many people as possible to be granted a second life.

A second chance.

The software is meant to automatically erase the memory of
this war—the memory of the Anagnoresy—forever. We are
aware of the implications: this puts us on the same level as
those who previously manipulated and deceived us.
However, this is our only chance to save our people and to
avoid this tragedy from repeating.

We will pay for this crime by not partaking in the process.
This room is sealed. The siphon will not reach us. We will
not live long enough to see our plan succeed, but I dare to

This Memorem is for you, my love. To Eternity.
May you find peace, wherever you are.

Yashin the wise, Sentientist

Project Limbic Wells — Single Entry


The superluminal portals are once again functional.

I hope my work is over soon so that I can finally transcend
this stagnant technology.


It's interesting, this compulsion [corrupted data] superior.
This makes me think of a perception deviance, especially
coming from someone who will always be Second.

My blade is his out of duty rather than faith, yet I am
skeptical of my position.
I thought my role was neutrality.
But after all, what is an Archon without convictions?

I will not fight, this time.
I know the “Enemy" will hear me out.

Yrda the Virtuoso
Jupiterian Captain

As war has been raging for months across the Sol system,
bringing us to the brink of complete annihilation, there are
still those who wish to discuss philosophical matters.
Lud Heghel had theorized about the End of History five
hundred years prior, claiming that the Great War and the
Golden Age would mark the pinnacle of our society.
Having demonstrated our material, spiritual and moral
supremacy, we would enter an era of everlasting stability
and progress.
And today, both his opponents and successors awaken to
debate over his line of thinking, in the light of a collapse so
violent it could never have been foreseen. And all of it is
Someone suggested we call this final event the Anagnoresy,
in reference to a concept from the formless mass of data of
the past future that both sides' Logicians are desperately
working at deciphering.
Since the Network was hacked and opened up, the amount
of crazy false information and fabricated truths flooding it
has been consistently growing, to the point where we are
falling into complete hysteria while the world crumbles
around us.
Our sick, morbid curiosity - our greed - has destroyed us.
It does not matter that our civilization was built on fiction,
that we were manufactured from eugenics, that we are but
new versions of an unknown primitive species.
It does not matter that democracy and liberty are in fact
illusory, that our leaders are corrupt and genocidal, that they
changed history and who knows what else.
It does not matter that God doesn‘t exist.
This imperfect world was beautiful and pure. It was ours,
and we lost it.
I leave early, for I cannot stand to watch more of this agony.
Hypnos forgive us.

Jin arh'Eliss

... to justify the unforgivable and explain today what was
unthinkable yesterday. I think I have exclusively heard it as
part of the Genesist Exarch's speeches.
Another reason to stop lingering on our individual paths
and look towards the common horizon.

The worst thing is I can't fault him.
Today, I share his guilt. I will stand by him and fight the




A few days ago. Medarch Valnir informed me of his interest
in my research on binaural beats. It seemed he had used some
of my melodies on his troops and all his Archons had
transcended their abilities. All of them.

Researcher in martial musicology
Entry 1652

I have to tell Noah.
She might have gone to the Apocryphals, but she‘s still my

I think.

What could happen. anyway?

Researcher in martial musicology
Entry 1653
Final memory entry

I consign here that which I must not remember.
I came here with the memory of everything that came

As if caught in a dream with recollection of my woken life.
However, not a soul around me remembers.

The Astyr have forgotten.

I see in their aimless patrolling the mark of having left
behind the memory of our original reality—the inability to
see beyond the masks.
I do not find in me the strength to be the sole guardian of
our history's end.

I consign here that which I must not remember.

During the times we call the Golden Age, the King sent
over Yantra, his favorite, to pacify a rebellious station.
The rebellion's cause was unknown to the Autarch, who
had received no further information.
When he got there, the heretic Sentientists spoke of
eugenics, of unspeakable secrets and violent lies. As they
refused to surrender or to retract their impious blasphemy,
Yantra soon was instructed to execute them all.
It is in their station's ruins that he found their Memorem.
He found the Apocryphal writings.
A few Astyr had, throughout history, questioned the true
intent of our guides, theorizing they aspired to utilitarian
and amoral goals antithetical to everything Yantra had ever

He began searching.

Those he talked to sent him to find the Geodesian, a
nameless individual hidden in a parallel network created in
Cloistered inside his crimson lair, he spoke of what he
knew, or thought he knew.
The God-King had stopped reigning a long time ago, as
the Prometheans had seized control.
They were attempting to create a perfect warrior
civilization that could defeat and survive any interstellar
threat that might come to be, no matter the lies and crimes
it entailed.
They had wiped all memory of the war against the
Outsiders, as they had murdered the whole first Astyr
generation themselves, judging it outdated and unfit to
move on to the next stage.
The Geodesian claimed the second generation should soon
find the same fate.
And Yantra was the proof of such claim... Had he never
wondered why his power surpassed all others in such a
manner? Why he was born of a separate tank?
Yantra left, and weeks went by before he came back to

He went to Narayana and, in front of a court of his fellow
Autarchs, confronted Hypnos, who stayed mute.
The God-King's silence signaled the end of our world.
There was a fight, but Yantra, with the help of his warriors,
managed to escape.
Sending in secret his knowledge to whoever were to join
him, he started recruiting.
He named his rebellion after those who had revealed the
truth to him, and whom he had massacred months prior:
the Apocryphals.

He cast aside the name Hypnos had given him and
reclaimed his origins: Negens.

Everything happened so fast. . . Our people, as to not get
caught in the crossfire, were forced to pick a side.

With Murti, Mantra and the Pretorians by their side, the
forces of the God-King and the Prometheans were mighty,
but the Apocryphals were growing in numbers and calling
upon the greatest Sentientists and Genesists to mutate their
bodies and turn themselves into living weapons.
Among his greatest generals were Noah, Noth, Nyx and
Quinn-Doloss, his strange advisor who always spoke low.
This civil war seems to me like it lasted for all eternity. I do
not think I actually saw the end of the massacres...

I only know the full origins of the story because Noah was
one of my closest friends.
An entire civilization built on a lie...

What were we really meant to be? The Apocryphals might
have been partly ignorant.
The King might have been carrying an even greater secret
that forced him to stay silent and end his reign.

As for myself, I choose to forget.s

There is little time left. How come the Commanders have
not arrived yet? Where are Yrda and Jehel?
The Enemy is at the gates, and they get cowardly.
I hear the young Astyr crying at the bottom of the walls.
They should feel happy for their miserable existence to find
a new purpose.
I will not have it remembered that Malkhel the Hegemon
was beaten in his own fortress.
I will not be offended on my own land.

Let them come. Apocryphals or loyalists, it does not matter.
They have no idea what awaits them.
I have slain Andras and his legion, and taken his spear as my
I will stand my ground.
I have remodeled my own destiny and will now only follow
my own rules.

Great Hegemon, European Lord

<< We were once born to satisfy one being's egotism and to
burn of an eternal light, chasing darkness away, consuming
the fear and uncertainty of a race to be born.

Or so I once thought.

It wasn't some noble dream that gave us life, but an anxious
fantasy—the uncontrollable greed of a scared humanity that
had seen its own end.

We are the egotism and madness that results from thousands
of years of evolution.

And could I ask you how we might pretend to be good, having
been born out of such negative passions? »

Network recording — Jurgen arh Astyr to Yig arh Astyr

Some say she used to talk with each of her students, willing
to share with them all of her knowledge.

They say she would never forget a name. or a face. They say
she would lead her researchers with more magnificence than
all the other Prometheans put together.

I would give so much for a meeting with that version of

The one that predated infinite knowledge.
Maybe even the one before the network.

She has now become... something else. Half here, half gone
to an ocean of infinite possibilities. She no longer sees us,
submerged in an everlasting dream. All we can do now is
feed on her words and gather her oracles...


I will probably stop... soon.

All those years of life, research, breakthroughs... What's left
for me?

A breath of wind and the touch of dew in the fog.


They always walked among us.

No one recalls a time when they were absent, nor would
anyone question their origin. I fail to find satisfaction in the
history our ancestors have passed down...

I would not dare to question Hypnos‘ Increation and
demiurgic wisdom, but the nature and precise symbolism of
every single Promethean shows forethought. It attests of a

If these beings far superior to us were inherently defined,
does it not mean that our own freedom and potential for
self-defining are being subtly influenced? Predefined?

... illusory?

Our civilization rose so much through the mind that it
sometimes becomes difficult to reincarnate our own bodies.
And yet, when we surrender ourselves to one another, I see the
wild beasts come back out. We scratch each other's backs and
kiss each other in private places with the feverish desire of
starving predators made insane by the euphoric nature of the
senses we have forgotten in search of knowledge and intellect.
When so rarely we embrace, I can hear the breath of dawn.


What are you doing, alone in the Agora? I could see your
hands gracefully moving about, brushing against the
holographic sphere, extracting symbols I could not yet
decipher. I was denied access to the network, for I was yet to
reach my tenth year of being. You would have had to bring
me back to my guardians, if I had reached out. And so, I
stayed hidden behind a pillar until the evening came. I
admired your fingers, dancing on the glass as you scoured
the yottabits of knowledge on the Eibon network.
Voracious, captivating. Immaculate, covered in the gold of



This is bad.

I can no longer look away: our civilization is doomed.
What happened to our dreams, our ambitions?

What happened to our friendships, our oaths?

The dreams we shared?

Bakhti the Enlightened
Entry 2035

We are tearing each other apart.

I am in no way off the hook, for I have taken sides. I walk
with the destroyers.

Those waking up.

Alongside the Apocryphals.

Bakhti the Enlightened
Apocryphal Sentientist
Entry 2036

I will keep my research going for Him, for our cause is just.
We will alter everything down to our marrow to stand up to
those who chained us as embryos. Those who wrote our fate
before our birth, who picked out our lineage and altered our

And we would rather die than become puppets.

Bakhti the Enlightened
Apocryphal Sentientist
Entry 2037

“- What is it?

- I have to be quick, they don't know I'm calling. Malkhel is
after you.
I do not know what he's looking for, but his fleet is heading
towards you. Can you stand to battle?

- We were supposed to reach Io in two days.

The rest of my Legion won‘t be here in time, if that's what
you're asking.

— Andras, you old fool! Please be reasonable. If you do not
turn away, they'll massacre you all!

- I have my orders, Steh. It's too late anyway. We will make
do with what we've got.
My death is not guaranteed, but it would not matter

- ... Damn you. I must go, but I will remember you, my
Friend. Always.

- Hypnos protect you.

- I doubt it."

[Connection successful - private channel secured]

- You should not have contacted me, it's too dangerous.
Where are you?

- Neptune, near N'Nod. I have to talk to you. Where are

- On the Svalliar, heading to Nodarch. I was called upon by
the Legion. We should reach the blockade before 7eh.

If you know people there, tell them to leave fast, because it's
about to get ugly.

- I know people everywhere, Valnir. But you're the one
who should leave.

Now. Please believe me when I tell you you're on the
wrong side of the war.

- There's no good side to a war. You didn't see what
happened at Sor'hoe, nor did you witness the battle of

You have no clue what the Prometheans are ready to do to
put an end to this conflict. He can't win.

- It doesn't matter that the fight is already lost, fear will not
drag me to the side of tyrants.
I know I'm younger than you, my mentor, but you have to
admit that I know more, in this instance. I have read the
reports, searched through the network.
They are killing us. They did it before and they'll do it
again. I implore you, by the memory of our last night, to
trust in me.
By the time this call ends, you will have received all relevant
data. Look through them.

- I will. Until then, please try to convince him. He has to
give up Nodarch at any cost...

Jurgen is coming.

[Connection ended. Data transfer complete. No
interruption detected]

[88888] ...first aeon, Hypnos arh Astyr created the universe.
Using debris from [6092-50], He created the Cardinal
Artificial Intelligence: Narueh, Sitra, Durga and
Radamanthe. Their purpose was to assist him in making the
planet hospitable.

He gave birth to his own [9229-5], the five Prometheans:
Eibon, Kaamos, Yig, Choronzon and jurgen. Their
purpose was to assist him in [...], which led to the first Astyr

Over the course of two industrious centuries, the first
generation and [9229-5], built an advanced technology that
ushered in what would become the Astyr civilization. Earth
was becoming a better place to live, while on the [J31]
station, Hypnos was secretly working on the second

The Inhabited Meteors crashed on Earth and the Ones from
Elsewhere, blind and deaf, waged war against the benevolent
Astyr, laying waste to their fortresses and city—factories. The
Prometheans deployed the second generation to win the conflict,
thirty years after the first fight.

The fragile first generation had been wiped out in the conflict
and it fell upon those that followed to rebuild the civilization
from the ruins left by their predecessors. Their mourning was to
be a path to the future. The young Astyr, assisted by the Five,
reorganised their society and created the Castes, the Agora, the
Decahedron and the Tetrahedron. Memory was sanctified in
honor of the fallen first generation, which Started the eternal
practice of the Memorem.

The incredible scientific discoveries made by the second
generation quickly led to the automation of their exploration
and harvesting ships, which were sent to explore the solar system.
Having offered everlasting expansion and bliss, Hypnos found
Himself adored more and more.

Society split to form two regulatory entities:

the Hypnosian Theocracy, made up of the Prometheans, the
Cardinal Lords and their servants, the Pretorian Guard and the
Mantarian Order.

On the other hand, the Decemvir was the essence of the Astyr
people, a pure beauty of collective intelligence.

Three representatives per Caste were mandated to sit at the
Decahedron and were called the Exarchs. They swore to use the
powers given to them to ensure the upholding of individual
freedoms and needs, as well as the respect of impartial justice.

capital was named Devesh, structured around the

The Astyr renovated and called Narayana, the God—King's

[489652365213] most important cities Archea, Niphur, N'Nod
and Mer’hoe, and each one had wondrous temple—factories that
housed a Cardinal Al's heart.

Driven by the hope to see their castes flourish, volunteers flew
out across the system to various mechanised planetary stations.

The red [909AN] was terraformed and its main station, Neo—
Archea, was renamed Nodarch and made into the twin Astyr
capital. The Archons established themselves there, while two
other wondrous cities came to life amidst the amaranthine

The furthest exploration probes disappeared out of the solar
system, which led to the detection of massive bodies beyond the
last planet.

The [404] on Charon stopped broadcasting, as a fear of a new era
of darkness set in. The second Legion's ships were sent to N'nod in
search of answers.


Kaamos' presence among us is a true blessing.
His soft gaze guides us in our experiences and his benevolence
makes us better.
Who could ever wish to fulfill their duty under any other

His wisdom shines as bright as Orion in the night.

Elyd the Conscious

Two cycles ago, I pledged to follow Yig's direct orders.
The honor I have been granted is so great I sometimes feel
I was proud of being amongst the best, but his pre-eminent
mind surpasses anything I ever imagined.

He guides, advises, imagines and oversees, always moving
forward, and I now cannot do without the prism of his
sight to theorize through.


I... am no longer able, I am afraid. The terrible fervour he
wakes in me tires me a bit more each day that passes. The
intense stare of his sunken eyes swallows me, and I often
quake as it surveys my nervous hands and unsure gestures.

Terrible, impenetrable.

Jurgen destroys my will. His very presence smothers the
embers of my desires. I cannot even find the strength to ask
for a change of circle, to evolve under a different

Yahr'On the Inexperienced

Today, I am given the opportunity to meet one of the Five:
Choronzon, in the flesh.
My work seems to have caught his attention. But, what does
he expect from a mere architect?

Arhu the Industrial

Beyond our breaths
Before our gaze
Far on the horizon
Long past the last sigh
One is Zero
4 divine - 5 guides

Astrid the Pure - Poet Artist

What a shame. I would feel prouder if not surrounded by
the corpses of my brothers in arms. Or if we had drawn
even a single drop of blood from our enemies.

It was a second ago and yet I am already confused about it
all. I have been waiting amongst the dead for years.

So sudden. Could not do anything. My weapon flung far
from me; their strikes swifter than thunder.
All gone. Their eyes turned towards me. Blood on my
clothes. This should not be the purpose of a Memorem.
This should not be the purpose of a Memorem.

I might at least be able to claim that my special training
allows me to bring this to those who will come next. If they
ever do. The only purpose of this breath I have been given
might be to bring knowledge to the next ones. Never
forget: they went mad and tore our Castes apart. They
renounced our Gods.

Hypnos forgive me... This should not be the purpose of a


Naï and I have been assigned two young Incompletes.
It's sweet to share this with her. These two future Archons
have a lot of potential. I did not think I would get attached
this quickly.
May they discover the world with as much determination and
curiosity as their tutors once did.

Commander Saren
Pretorian Archon

There was nothing at the edge of the world. I saw nothing
other than withering lands and raging winds. Nothing but
the color of the stars. And the stars that had guided me my
whole life remained empty.

117,592 lightyears for M~6x1010 M newborns and M~109
M venerable shining stars in the disks of dust only.

Yet in these interstellar spirals and atomic agglomerations, the
only sound is always silence.
Vaporous: frozen with boiling oceans
Telluric: veiled with clouds of fire
Gaseous: plagued with thunder storms
Dwarf: saturated with overly dense rocks

May our successors see further and hear beyond the chant of our
The universe, so empty today, is already crawling with the next

Entry 896

I don't have time.

I don't have time, for the time comes.
Not done. Barely started. Could have been one of the
greatest Logicians. Would have been one of the best. The
Decahedron had already called me Researcher.

I had even met a soul aligned with mine. Near the fountain,
under the stars. The Future seemed bright.

I hope I'm wrong. I hope the end doesn‘t come so that I
may get the opportunity to fulfill all of the possibilities that
sparkled around me.

But I have weighed those possibilities. They are too many
and the others too strong: the storms of wrath too loud.
There will be no tomorrow.

Sysiam. Incomplete
Entry 12

The subject died of one long-distance, high-velocity shot
having entirely destroyed the cranium and cervical
vertebras, and having caused major damage across the
thoracic area.

Ballistic analysis confirms the ammunition used to be a solid
C42 round from a Gaelun Espada shot by a legionary of the
assault forces from about 5,200 meters away, which
demonstrates, if such demonstration was still needed, how
destructive these weapons can be.

The grey essence found on the occipital bone - Shahn
origins being confirmed through the various biological
aberrations observed - allows us to conclude that the host
and parasite both died at the exact same time.

What little cerebral matter remains renders subject
restoration impossible, even through the use of a limbic
siphon more advanced than my basic field equipment.

Final death of Astyr citizen Kel arh Hagir is thus recorded at
Sol515—2k85a, 8khS2 in the Daggerant cruiser codex - 4th
Division of Legion II.

May Hypnos keep his soul.

Uoth the Devoted
Genesist Doctor