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ikenfell - A Gauche Review Production



"I am... so hetero.."/"I am... so gay.." - Left unfinished

Combat is overall fairly bland.
Having timed attacks/defense while lacking overworld preemptive strikes feels so very wrong - nintendo rpgs have ruined me
Was hoping for a bestiary. The save file text makes note of one so maybe it unlocks in-universe farther in.
Didn't hide mouse cursor

Story: You're a muggle looking for you're sister at Hogwarts cuz she didn't come home for the summer break
First steps on the grounds and you've developed pyromancy, go light shit up


Video game dialogue isn't exactly a marveled art but a kid affirming their sexuality to themselves/audience via inner thoughts right in front of their crush comes off extremely artificial cuz that shit ain't natural

Lets see what others had to say cuz I sure can't tell you if it was good or not:

Or can I?