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A YEAR OF SPRINGS - A Gauche Review Production



This visual novel centers around three acts.
I got to the end of the first act expecting the second one in the menu to unlock but I guess I have to replay the first act to experience the other endings before being allowed to move on.


Inquiring does not equate a denial of person

No, it really doesn't



The path I got resulted in Erika asking Haru to break the law affirming her that because she is a woman she has the right to enter the woman's bath at the hot spring resort they're staying at under the condition that they go in at 12 when no one is there presumably. Haru just got done explaining to Erika he is still legally a man though, even going as far to share he still has the genitals.

Yeah, I'm not buying it. Erika just wants to see Haru's junk in a public setting. If she genuinely wanted Haru to embrace his rights as a nonlegal woman they'd just go at a regular time. As fucked as that would be for the other guests, I could at least buy the angle then.

The staff at the resort had just upgraded their room to accommodate Haru, as all the baths available to reserve were booked. This allowed Haru to experience the hot springs via an open air private bath on the balcony. He experienced the baths in luxury. Why would he jeopardize their business like that?
The ungrateful fictional shit doesn't even give them a 5 star review at the end of it.

A lot of the information presented as truth isn't even accurate anymore.

The GID Special Cases Act bars all transgender people who are younger than 20, Japan's age of majority (which will be reduced to 18 in April 2022), from securing legal recognition of their gender identity.
Game released in 2021 though so I'll give it a pass
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Per your review, the game sounds like more trans propaganda.


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Knew where this game was going to go immediately after seeing that first dialogue box

You should play Snoot Game. It's like the opposite of trans propaganda.
Thought this looked familiar. Gonna play it anyway so i can bang dino girls.

I mean, if you could bang a trans hottie in the tub, wouldn't you?
Considering I've never seen a trans hottie (femboys not included), no