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Cinema 1917 (2019) - An Almost Flawless War Movie


Staff member
5.00 star(s)
I'm surprised this quality of movie came out so (relatively) recently. I do not mince words when I say this is just as good as Saving Private Ryan. But I don't praise it because it tries to emulate Saving Private Ryan. I praise it because the style of the narrative, the atmosphere, and etc. perfectly fit WWI to a tee. Further, this movie is more surreal than most war movies, but remarkably, it NEVER loses it's brutally realistic edge. I feel like this more surreal approach also fits WWI because that war was also pretty morbidly surreal at times. Besides Vietnam, I would probably call it the "dirtiest" conflict in history. Maybe the darkest too. I'm not quite sure about that one though. Regardless, this piece of film is absolutely stunning. Even the cinematography is jaw-dropping as the movie does constant uninterrupted shots. IMDb says that the longest in the movie is about 8 minutes. All of this is further stitched together in post-production to create one seamless and incredibly tight story.

There is precisely only one complaint I have with this movie and that is that the soldiers in this movie sometimes have some glaringly bad stormtrooper marksmanship syndrome. With that aside though, I cannot think of anything else.

Watch this damn movie, you muppets.