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why does youtuber merch suck?


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Sanctuary contributor
This is something I've been thinking about for awhile, but why does it suck?
With a few exceptions, the majority is just their name or icon, or a phrase from a video and it just feels so uninspired.
Whats so hard about putting in a little, just a little bit, of effort and creating something that's actually kinda cool and people would want to wear?
Idk, I guess I just think most youtuber merch sucks and wanted to complain about it


Isn't like 95% of merch from internet famous folk just fan art slapped on a thing?
The other 5% is commissioned/bought works. The remaining abyss is "My manager wants publicity" junk

No one really starts a youtube/streaming with the goal to sell merch
Really strikes me as an afterthought sort of thing

Bands live and die off merch sales so they tend to put way more effort into them
Channels live and die off upload activity

I've never ever wanted a mug with something on it
All mugs ever made belong in landfills