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Electronics Super Flower Leadex III Bronze Pro 650W Long Term Review


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Price and Quantity
$91 x 1
5.00 star(s)
After using this PSU for more than two years, and after seeing how it dealt with a faulty graphics card that fried itself a while ago, I feel I now have some grounds to review this part. It's a modular PSU I paid about $90 for in 2020 and have put pretty much a regular 500 watt load on it ever since I got it. The PC is running mostly constantly. I just leave it on most of the time even when I'm in bed. I've done intensive video rendering with it as well as some 3D model rendering and, of course, intensive gaming. I've also moved around a fair bit, and while I've tried my best to minimize impacts during moving, this computer has been carried and slightly banged around with the PSU still inside it. (This computer's a heavy bastard.)

So, after all this, what's my personal verdict? Get it, 100%. It's not gonna power two beefy video cards worth of wattage, but it will handle even a 350 watt RTX 3090, no problem. I should also tell you what happened when I got a problematic 980 Ti FE a while ago. Basically, I ordered this card off Ebay. Everything looked good. No issues found on the PCB or anything. So I popped the card in, hooked it up, launched into MX Linux, got into a game of CS:GO andddddd... Right when the map loaded, the computer instantly shut off. At first, I thought the PSU was dead or maybe one of the cables. The computer wouldn't power on for literally even a second. Nevertheless though, to be sure, I pulled the card and put in my 1050 Ti and voila... The PC powers on and works with no issues whatsoever.

So yeah. It turns out it was the 980 Ti after all. I took it down to a electronics repair shop just to confirm, and yep. The board is fried. PSU protected itself and the entire PC. (By the way, not related to the PSU at all, but I did get a full refund from the buyer for the card and they were very helpful.) Now, some may say that all PSUs have safety features like this, but that's not necessarily true. There are a fair few brands out there that just skip some of those protections in order to save a buck on the unit.

Regardless though, this is a rock solid PSU and after about two years of heavy use, I'd definitely recommend it.