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My Little Pony: A New Generation - A mild disappointment.


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I didn't go into this expecting much, and got pretty much exactly that.

The plot was really basic, and unlike the previous movie, lacked any real stakes.
The primary A plot focuses on the main mane (heh, get it?) cast figuring out why the unicorns, and subsequently pegasi, lost their magic and ultimately trying to get it back.
There's honestly nothing particularly interesting that really happens.
They pull of a little heist in the pegasi city, but it goes wrong but don't worry because it works out in the end. Then they go the unicorn village and have a contest to win the second crystal they need which they win on the last round because the plot needs them to. It felt very contrived imo.
Anyway, they combine the crystals but it don't work and they go their separate ways. Back at her house, sunny (main character) is sulking, 'woe is me', and discovers that there was actually a third crystal conveniently there all along and then both the A and B plots combine.

Meanwhile the secondary B plot has a side character go on a power trip and pretty much solely exists to add tension in the final act.
It doesn't.
In fact, he suffers zero consequences for his actions. Don't worry about the fact that he destroyed your home, because no one else seems to care either.
But thanks to him doing that, we learnt that we're not so different after all, or something. And after pushing together this photo frame the crystals magic activates and everyone gets their magic back.
Yay friendship, or something.
It wasn't the worst thing I've watched, but it's not doing a good job of making me interested in the new generation.

The cg models surprisingly weren't that terrible. My biggest complaint about them was that the texture for their coats looked less fur and more like a kind of plush fuzz. It was really only noticeable when the camera got close, but it still didn't look good.
The rest of the visuals were fine, the pegasi city being the nicest looking of the three locations. The soundtrack was, meh. None of the songs particularly stood out to me, but the mob song was kinda okay and I guess the first song was alright too.
None of the characters were particularly interesting either and they're all pretty forgettable, with the only ones I liked being Izzy the unicorn, and pipp and zipp the pegasi princeses.

Perhaps my biggest complaint is that this movie leaves me with so many questions and not a single one gets answered.
At all.
What happened to twilight and Co.?Presumably they're dead, but then who's her succesor?
What happened to the elements of harmony? Surely they wouldn't just lose something as important as those?
What caused the unicorns and pegasi to loose their magic?
Why did they segrate from one another when they did?
What happened to sunny's dad?
Why do the pegasi live in an extravagant city with advanced technology while the unicorns live in a comparatively low tech society in a forest?
Is sunny an alicorn now, or is that a temporary thing?
What happened to canterlot/cloudsdale/ponyville?
Surely one of twilight's students and/or successors would've tried to restore order?
What happened to discord? Surely he's still alive?
And perhaps most importantly, how the fuck do they hold stuff in their hooves? I don't think this has been answered, at all, over the course of 9 seasons and two movies. Are their hands like geckos? Or do they have some Ilulu dragon maid shit going on?
Who knows, who cares?! Because absolutely none of this gets answered, at all, in the slightest.

Anyway, it was an okay movie. 5/10, maybe a 6 if I feel like being generous.
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I think what hooked everyone with in the previous gen, besides the art, is the unorthodox protagonist.
Twilight, in the beginning, was basically a grump who doesn't care about friendship, which is basically spitting on the core premise of "My Little Pony". Right off the bat, that's at least different and unexpected.

Then it sets up a VILLAIN that they actually FIGHT right after doing a Sailor Moon-esque transformation.

So you think "wow, are they actually going to be transforming and fighting villains like this more often?" and then you're hooked.

But from reading your review, it looks like they're back to formula.

From what I can gleam from those two songs you linked, it seems like one of the conflicts is a kind of racism between earth ponies, unicorns, and pegasi. The main pony appears to be the only non-prejudiced inhabitant of the village. Of course, she's right and everyone else in her community is wrong. She doesn't have to learn anything. In contrast, Twilight was wrong about friendship, and everyone else was right. She has to learn and grow. That's automatically space for character development. Fixing her flaws, filling in her gaps, and growing into more responsibility is Twilight's character arc. You could tell nearly all of that from episode 1.

What's Sunny's arc?
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