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MTG Arena has a few issues


Sanctuary legend
Game server maintainer
I've taken up playing MTG Arena lately, mostly because its more convenient then playing paper, but man, does it have issues.
Technically it is free to play, unlike MTG Online which needs a $10 entry free to get full use, which is nice aside from the fact that they really want you to pay for packs.
You can earn them in challenges but its only really one or two and trying to complete challenges is dull and boring and usually limited to one per day. So your only choice is to buy them with coins that you earn very slowly or gems which you pay for. One pack costs 1000 gems or you can buy three packs for 600 gems, which is just under $5 because that is the minimum amount you can spend and it'll get you 750 gems.
You get about seven or 8 cards per pack, with one being a rare/mythic rare and sometimes you get a wild card in random rarity. Wild cards are important, because you can use them to "pay" for cards in that rarity, which is great for getting extra copies that you need but you earn them at a glacial pace. Opening packs fills a meter that gives you a wildcard when full, and for rares you'll need about six of them, so trying to get rare cards is a pain and even worse for mythics. Commons/uncommons are easy and not an issue. It would be nice if you could trade with other players or just buy wildcards or trade duplicates for them or just some other way to earn them, other than the slow costly way to earn them.
I wish they had a way to specify deck-size in match making. I'm getting real sick of going up against people with 100 or 200 card decks while I've got a standard 60 card deck. It's just not fun, its a slow dull grind of attrition. Wheres the strategy in building a deck when you've just put four of every card in it? fuck of with that shit.
It needs a way to talk to your opponent rather than the barebones "emotes".

I think what i'm trying to say is that I like MTG, but I don't like MTG Arena