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Fan(theories) Gone Wild!


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So, I'm excited about Breath of the Wild 2. I don't expect it until sometime next year and so I try to keep up on any News. Whilst doing so I found lot's of Videos with click-baity titles on YouTube. I decided to check them out, often they were Theory Videos. I just couldn't help but notice that not only were practically all elements of these Theories baseless speculation, they also seemed to spread like Memes. Green Glowing crystaline Structers seen in the Trailer went from being Ghost Crystals in almost all Videos until one of them decided that they reminded him of green Rocks from Skyward Sword that were connected to some kind of time mechanic, so now they are those. That's just a small example.

I normally don't watch Theories on unreleased Media, so I'm now kinda curious, is it always this off the Wall? I mean, I'd assume you are all aquainted wiht Zelda as a Series, the Teaser Trailer for Breath of the Wild 2 is devorced from any context and doesn't say anything in particular given the nature of the Series (reincarnation shenanigans and such). Yet people were talking about things like Themes, Allies, Mechanics etc. as if what they were saying were established fact and not just rampant speculation. I find it kind of annoying, at this point I don't know if I'd even trust legit info.


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The Zelda timeline overall and all of its common elements have been condensed into such a convoluted mass in an attempt to create an overarching storyline that sort of connects the games that is really useless to speculate on anything. Just treat it for what it is, its a direct sequel to the first BoW and it almost certainly uses elements from all past games either as a homage or as some sort of direct connection in the mess of the timeline. No point going mad at what it could possibly mean until its actually released.