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Clan Update - 4/14/2019


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Hey guys! Been a while. So, there's some small changes I need to announce here. First of all, the official Sanctuary clan tag has been shortened down greatly from [S A N C] to just [SY] although you can use the nicer but longer tag as well. Second of all, I'm gonna start asking all the clan members to wear the tag in public multiplayer games. This isn't really for advertisement nearly so much as just unity. We're in a clan, so we should be, you know, part of the clan. Now, I'm not gonna be the fucking tag police here, but yeah. Do it for me! Thirdly, though we don't really have a specific game focus, I don't think we need to AS LONG AS we keep in mind that the site is what unifies us all and what we return to. In that sense, you could easily say we are more of a community than a clan, but there you go. And finally, the Steam profile URL field has been added so we can all better coordinate with each other. (Should have been added a long time ago. Sorry about that.) You can fill it out here.

TL;DR - We greatly shortened the tag, we ask that our clan members don the tag in public multiplayer games, and finally, we ask that clan members at least somewhat regularly come to the site. Oh, and a new Steam profile field has been added!


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How will the steam DRM ID help coordinate things if not all have them?
Seems more like moving things away from Sanctuary to steam DRM..?

I was going to post my previous suggestions regarding coordinating game sessions, but found that the chat archive only stretches back one page?
Has there been a reduction or compromise for size reasons or something?

From what I can remember of the suggestions, it was something like...
Deciding the game at a 2 weeks notice. Say if you will try to join 1 week before.
Confirming participation 1 day before. Gather and set it up 1 hour before.
The chat and gather place should of course be here, at Sanctuary.


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@Vendor-Lazarus The ID's are there so we can add each other as friends for those of us who do have it, and to play outside of the regular game nights too. In the case that for example 2 or 3 of us want to play a game that is available on steam and want to play it any other day of the week its easier to send a message or invitation to play said game through the steam client than making a post on the forum. The forum will still be used for the organization of our regular game nights and regular clan communication such as announcements, discussions, and clan business. The Steam friends are for ease of use in informal gaming.