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Butter on bread disgusts me


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Butter on bread disgusts me. I don't know why, i just hate it. Despise it even.
I Just don't get the point of putting the butter on it. What does it accomplish? Its not like its adding any substantial flavor because its going to be overpowered by whatever you actually intend to spread on your bread.
Even if you're not spreading something on the bread, it still serves no purpose. Take fairy bread for instance. Why would you use butter, when you could use the objectively better honey, which actually adds flavor. It serves the same person of keeping the sprinkles in place, but actually adds flavour.
Whilst I'm on this tirade, I also hate going to a sausage sizzle and seeing that the breads butter.
Stop buttering the fucking bread.

TL;DR I hate butter on bread


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Maybe you're using unsalted butter or bread that isn't meant to be buttered. What the heck is fairy bread? Why are you putting sprinkles on it? What country are you in? Are you confusing bread with cake? This isn't a dessert.

Get salted butter, and a nice, dense, dinner roll. Alternately, toast.


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I love salted butter on bread. Like the other said, it makes it creamier. I also only usually add some cheese OR some Liver pâté on it.

If you're going to use jam or marmalade or honey or anything else, more viscous, then yeah sure, I can understand that. Same goes for adding anything with an overpowering taste, like blue cheese or pickles.