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Cinema Borat subsequent moviefilm - subsequently mediocre


Lord Inquisitor
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Sanctuary contributor
you don't realise how long one hour and 35 minutes is until you have to sit through this slog of film.
I don't even really have anything to say about it frankly. It was just an unfunny slog of a film. None of the "jokes" where even that original or funny, it was just more trump, covid and jew jokes, none of which where even that good.
If you watched the first film you'll have seen this one, if you haven't don't waste your time.

I was flicking through prime, and I was recommended "Borats american lockdown and debunking borat", which is a 38 minute episode of a brief portion of the film, presumably featuring content that didn't make the final cut, where he spends time with two guys (republicans, obviously) during lockdown. Then following that, there are six 8 minute 'episodes' "debunking" things they mentioned/ where mentioned in the film. Can you guess what they're "debunking"?
I'm going to tell you anyway:
  • Vaccine Microchips
  • Mail-in Ballots Scam
  • Soros
  • China Virus
  • Gates' Bricks
  • Hillary Clinton & Blood libel


Brother Sharp
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Cookmaster supreme
So what you are telling me was that this movie was simply not: