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Blocking Players


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How often do you block people? What are the reasons that make you block them?

For me,
1st sin: playing competitively in a casual match.
2nd sin: ganging up for non-game related reasons.

I have heard some people block Brazilians on first sight. Knowing the kind, can't say I blame them.


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Eh, I don't think I've ever blocked anyone. If someones being a dick i just move to a new server.
Actually I can think of one. Some dude on ps4 that spammed my inbox after he got mad at me in gta, but i think that's the only time


Never have. The mute function suffices for me. If they go the extra mile to bother me I take it as flattery. Though the most excessive thing I'd get my way were accusations of cheating in TF2. The regulars on that server would vouch for me though which was cool. You gonna die if you step outside on 2Fort vs me, that just the way it go.

I've blocked others on forums thinking the function would spare me of their posts. Realizing it didn't work that way I'd unblock em.

Was part of an old and mostly abandoned discord server with no admin. Had some guy join in and start posting dick pics. After leaving the group he started PM'ing me. Discord lets you delete PMs without opening them so I just did that. Stopped after 2 tries. Was dissappointed he just didn't set up a macro, if you're gonna harass at least have the decency to be good at it


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I only block players if they're outright spamming me. And even then, only temporarily. Besides that, I think software blocks are pretty shitty in general.


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On Steam? I've only blocked people that have been trying to outright scam me because of TF2 items. On games, that's kinda pointless I just find a new match or troll them back. JKA back in its heyday was rife with that kind of people, we got creative with the punishments. On the matter of Brazilians I get exactly why since I live in South America myself, they are some of the worst and most annoying players there are, usually when I'm put in a Brazilian based server on a TF2 match I just start searching for a new one right there since most of the time its just not worth it.