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All Snapdragon (Mobile) Processors Have A Big Fat Exploit


Sanctuary legend
Game server maintainer
Phones can be used to spy on you, Imagine my shock.

Yours Truly

One day a wind cause an power outage. I got out of my house to watch the repair crew working. Was sipping my orange juice when I see two LDS members walking on the street. They are easy to recognize because of their clothing. I decided to start a chat. They said there were going home after doing missionary work. One had a strong accent, I asked about his origins, how long he had been around these parts and if he had already been victim of a robbery, which he had. We talk and talk. They ask for my phone number, I say I don't have one and ask if they read about Bezos phone hack. They act like it could never happen to them. We talk more, I promise to visit LDS' site, they say I would be welcome to visit their church and tell me its address.

If you want to help your church, tell them to not use WhatsApp, specially in Brazil, for this country has more criminals than decent people, and they are exploiting phones day and night.