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A few thoughts on Christmas Eve and the status of Sanctuary...


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Well, this didn't turn out exactly as I'd hoped as I sit here stuck in my college dorm, but this moment lends itself well to contemplation, so I figured a small post here was deserved.

Although Christmas is often said to be a time for helping others out at least once a year, I'm actually beginning to think that the most important thing about this holiday is simply being with those you care about. It's amazing how depressing it gets during this time when you don't have anyone to share it with. But if you are in that position, perhaps this is also for the better as it gives us a chance to evaluate things that may have gone wrong in our lives. Stupid decisions that we can perhaps go about fixing instead of not noticing them throughout the year and letting them fester.

2020 has been a garbage year. No doubt about that. And the cherry on top of our cake here (at least in the US) has been a maddeningly unhelpful omnibus bill that will also just happen to give more bullshit restrictions to the DMCA. But I don't really want to focus on that. We all know about this I think. But let's make something clear here first. 2021 is not gonna be much better here, if at all, folks. It looks like with the Corona vaccine quickly coming into view, this pandemic will begin to end at least, but who knows what the future holds.

Moving on to Sanctuary here, this year has been just as unkind to us as ever. Once again, the lack of new users is mostly my fault, but in my defense, it's been pretty hard running this site all on my own. But some of you have kept it active, and I am deeply grateful for that. Now, I do plan to start moving again with our site plans at the start of 2021, most notably with the Classic Gaming Lounge. I never followed through with reaching out to the various communities for that, but I do feel Q1 2021 would be the best time to approach that anyway. At the end of the day though, I feel incredibly confident in saying that though few people post here, this site will always remain open as a place to speak out and to voice what you think (within reason). This place has been my official lair of sorts, but it is yours as well. Your home, your abode, your Sanctuary. And I will strive to keep it open always as I have done before and will do in the future.

Your friendly neighborhood admin,


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I'll always be around, lurking. Sometimes I just don't really have much of anything to say, sometimes I do, But i'll be round till the site is gone