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This media should be ignored


So I came by this review of a game

Krogan32 said:
From this review: https://saveorquit.com/2020/11/22/review-no-one-lives-in-heaven/

In the police office, you’ll speak with one of the guides of the game, who seem to represent the POV of the game developers. He tells you that you need to reduce the arbitrary decision-making of the cops. My expectations made me think I’d redirect how they reinforce laws or stereotype theoretical criminals, but that wasn’t the case. After you beat each of the 4 officers in a fight, you then torture them to death, at which you are then praised for saving the village. This alone would be a step too far, but that’s not sufficient for NLH though, because after you leave, a cop is taken to the execution stand and becomes a permanent fixture, as he’s hung from a noose. If that’s something SuR wants to include in their game, then that’s their right, but I certainly am not going to support such decisions. I have no interest in playing this game further, and don’t recommend anybody else play it."
Grotesque and racially sensitive violence should not be tolerated at all. This game should be ignored.

Grotesque? Well that is a matter of opinion
Racially sensitive? The quoted review makes no such claim and not having played it myself can't conclude it. Neither has Krogan32 though so I'm gonna assume they're assuming
Violence? Games have featured that one for a while
Should not be tolerated? Be thankful I tolerate oxygen
This game should be ignored?

What media should be ignored? I don't have a definitive answer for that. The statement itself is a contradiction of the practice. To ignore something is to consciously acknowledge the existence of something and then purposely put in effort to make it seem not so. There is just too much media in the world for that. From the terabytes of child pornography government employees are payed to watch to the short fanfic of Sonic farting - to ignore any of them is to ignore the world. I can only guess that Krogan32 just doesn't want this video game, No One Lives in Heaven, by SuR ENTERTAINMENT published by TopWare Interactive to be recognized and that simply cannot happen with media on the internet

The definitive answer: sǝlqᴉq ɐuɐnɾᴉʇ


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I was expecting more of a Hatred-type thing from the write-up, but then I clicked the link and saw the art style.


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I actually was thnking about this very topic a few days ago, although the question was more, "If the author of a work is an asshole, shouldn't we boycott their works, or should we consider their work away from who they are?" The answer I came to was that if we started boycotting based on who we liked and didn't like, then it could very well be that many potential artists may simply not make anything as they may say, "What's the point of making this if I'm just going to get boycotted and yelled at?" And so, how many amazing works would we miss out on if this was the norm?