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Cinema The Mitchells vs. The Machines (2021) - Hella Cringe at Times but Its Heart Is in the Right Place


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3.00 star(s)

If you didn't like this movie at all, I totally understand. I feel like this movie by Columbia (?) was probably made more for the zoomer crowd than for a general audience like Pixar films usually are. The humor in it sometimes makes me roll my eyes, and also, why didn't you use the original Numa Numa song, you absolute degenerates??? For fuck's sake, man! Talk about a missed opportunity...

But I want to put all that aside because, despite all that, there is absolute gold in this movie. Both the funny, the awesome, and the emotionally crushing. It's also got a really good message behind it, and I can tell that some really hard work and passion went into this movie. For all its faults, and they are many, it also has too much good in it for me to just completely sign it off. Perhaps very fittingly, this movie is an awful lot like the Mitchell's themselves. Oftentimes awkward and ill-executed, but it's really trying, and beyond the cringey nonsense, there is also so much to truly treasure here too. And I can't hate it for that. I'm not going to. So... Give it at least one watch I'd say and just have an open mind.
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I actually did see this movie one afternoon since I was bored and had nothing to do and this was on Netflix. Was surprisingly entertaining, if a bit stupid, but this is a modern children's movie of course and it had a nice family message. It is acceptable I guess, its something to watch if you are bored and only one time.