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Switch OLED - Modchip Installation - Hwfly


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I was looking into the Switch scene and checking if there has been any news regarding hacking them since the hardware revisions
There is nothing software wise but there are hardware modchips
Everyone speaks of installation like their sharing foot pics on the internet so thread is born

OLED Switch is currently going for $350
Hardware mod kit is currently going for $210
Soldering skill + tools
running ~8k switch titles for free - https://en.btdig.com/6917feeea45ca76256258e08de8eb29936afb95a

Nintendo did a good job addressing the software mods
I'd still opt to buy a used unit from the first batch before considering the above


Staff member
You know what's funny? If you mod the Switch, you'll be able to play a better version of Ocarina of Time as compared to the official Switch version. lol


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Well, that's where I personally nope out since I don't have any equipment for that. Would rather just pay soeone to do it and encourage small businesses in the process. lol
You don't solder? Its just melting contacts together, you a phobicphobe or something?

I take it back though, its very much the same amount of soldering as before - the other video I posted is like one step lol, thought they changed it
This guy goes through the whole thing