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Raging Loop - A Gauche Review Production



0/10 - Fuck this game

The premise for this visual novel is a real life game of Werewolf/Mafia in some remote mountain village of Japan with a slight twist. The protagonist "loops" back to the beginning after dying Groundhog Day style.

Meet the players:

Legends say that the gods of the mountain teamed up with the humans to kill the Wolf gods cause fuck those guys. Now the Wolves rise from the dead whenever a thick mist hits the mountain village taking revenge on the humans via some murder. The mountain gods lend their power to the humans to identify the Wolves and hang em dead.

The Snake can identify a Wolf vs a human. The Crow can tell if the hanged was a wolf or not. The Monkeys are two humans who know the other is human. The Spider can protect a human from a Wolf attack negating their nightly kill. Rule breakers are made an example of with death.

The villagers worship these stories as a religion so they're all down to kill no questions asked. Have fun surviving outsider.

Here is the storyboard:

Yomi concludes with losing the game of Werewolf/Mafia.
Wit concludes with surviving the game, leaving the village and returning to find everyone is dead.
That leaves Darkness for the end game.

A bunch of supernatural/unexplainable shit is happening during all this.

White hair girl magically heals you after ingesting poison.

You've got giant Wolves walking on their hinds at night.

You've got some voodoo hoodoo peeps around

You've got people disintegrating

Whole limbs and all

That leaves Darkness to wrap it all up.
Darkness concludes with murdering all the villagers as a wolf except for the white hair girl.
Then a monster shows up.

Soon to follow is Sheep.

Sheep lets you know the monster appearing means everyone in the country is dead now. Way to go.
Sheep explains the village is covered in a "dream" by someone causing the loops.
Sheep is the reason for you remembering each one. Sheep says he'll be looping the dream but the dreamer will notice so he can't do it again if you reach this point once more.

At this point the game sends you off to gather 5 keys to unlock the true ending Myth.
Get to it.

You talk to the girl in the green jacket and learn that she is also looping. Shes done thousands of loops (we've done less than 100) though so she ain't all there. She kills the protagonist ~50 times just cause. Sheep isn't helping her remember so all her memories are made through repetition.
You learn a few things from her. Her looping start point was earlier but then the little girl showed up one day and the loop starting point changed to later in the week. Then you showed up and the loop shifted again. In the Yomi route she ends up killing a villager out of reflex-self-defense thus breaking the rules. This means she would suffer the penalty of corruption which is basically death. White Haired Girl was somehow able to pass on the punishment onto herself though.

You talk to the geezer in blue and learn that previous games ended without all the wolves being hanged. Probably something else but I forget.

You talk to four eyes clad in green and learn that the game is all man made. The neighboring village basically sends all their unwanted here so they can slaughter each other. There is some Jap family hierarchy thing I've neglected to bring up as it has no real influence on the story but you learn that the Crow family wanted to stop the games. They started it off to just kill some unwanteds but the times changed while the religion stayed the same so they couldn't backpedal the whole thing. Not being able to stay awake at night? Anesthesia. Despite that being in-fucking possible to administer correctly they roll with it and say the families don't care whether they'll wake up or not. Locks that open by themselves? Electronic locks. The pack of dogs that maul bodies to goo? Dogs infected with rabies. You basically get told that everything man-made-able is in fact man made.

You talk to the balding geezer who confirms he is there as the families janitor. They can't kill him or their secret will get out so they let him play as a murderer in their game. He confirms that he was a wolf in the last game with the other geezer that ended early. Also he murdered 20 people in a past game which actually hit national news. You basically learn he evil.

You talk to the reporter and learn that the name of the village with some japanese word finagling actually means human sacrifice. She use to do occult stories and lets you know the myths are bizarre but the spider makes no sense. I didn't understand most of it but basically the religion is also all fake but the spider is super fake.

With your 5 keys you head back to Sheep.
Sheep flips on you having damned the country and all to a nonloopable loop end of life event.
We tell Sheep that we can fix it but he needs to loop us a day earlier.
Sheep says he can but we won't have all our memories.
So Sheep loops the unloopable loop for us with all our memories intact and we wake up with a prostitute.
Feel free to fact check me.

Now we're in Myth.
We spend the day digging up some bones and most importantly a mask used by the wolves of old.
We tell the looping girl to gather all the villagers and to meet us on the cliff where they hang all the wolves.
We put on the mask and claim to all the devote villagers that we're their mountain god, that they've earned the right to kill their god, that the original god of the mountain will take our place so kill me now. Oh and we tell them to get all their shit together. Also don't kill each other idiots. They buy it hook line and sinker so they kill us and we fake die off the cliff into the river.

Next we confront White Haired Girl. Her family is the spider and she is the last one. They were the prostitutes. She is the dreamer causing the loops. She needs everyone of the villagers dead to summon the monster. Her family has been abusing the Spider's power bestowed upon them and have been taking in the corruption of man. The monster is the result of all that.

So why them? She claims that she had made love to all of them once.

Alright so what does she actu-

Okay, so she is a child molester/rapist. Great.
So how do we stop the big bad from winning?

We promised her on a separate-earlier loop that once we both leave the village alive she can ask anything of us and we could then ask anything of her.
This promise was made on our names.

So she asks us to be her partner is crime.
We've been giving a fake name to everyone the whole time though so our side of the promise isn't upholdable.

Her name isn't fake so she is still bound to the promise.
So we ask her to not win.
So she loses. She tries to kill herself to escape the promise but the lights go out, she falls unconscious and the god leaves her.
We're still in the village the whole while mind you.

So with White Haired Girl's plan foiled we confront the village heads.

We go outside and they try to kill us. We kick their ass. They're just Scooby Doo-ing the whole thing speaking old Jap and shit. So we decide to Scooby Doo their ass too and put on the wolf mask from earlier to give them the update on the lore. They leave.

And thats it. You've uncovered all the mysteries. Yup. Every single one.
The mist rises and you go home.

Turns out your a published author so giving out your pen name is normal.
The news paper states one of the family heads step down and that a pet shop closed down.
Way to go.

Lets check what others had to say:

I was intrigued all the way till Darkness but then when the monster showed up out of nowhere it went straight to shit. All the plot till then is irrelevant. The entire premise is thrown out the window as it doesn't matter. The protagonist figures out how the gods are assigned to the humans but does nothing with it. He doesn't revisit loops to correct them, They mean nothing. The story means nothing. Disintegrating humans mean nothing, (While detestable the unexplained could of all been salvaged with a "but was any of it real" reflection of the experience.) This plot means nothing. This game means nothing.

This review means nothing. But was any of it real?
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Sounds like it succumbed (sort of) to typical incredibly amatuerish japanese anime writing at the end.

By the way, I would keep your story explanations a lot shorter. it actually doesn't take very much to explain your main points and gripes. If people would like to discuss a point further, you can be more verbose.


The Actual Hero
Sanctuary legend
Wow, I would have loved to have played this game if it wasn't spoiled for me...

But I'll take solace in the fact that you hate it, and thank you for saving me from wasting my time instead.


By the way, I would keep your story explanations a lot shorter. it actually doesn't take very much to explain your main points and gripes. If people would like to discuss a point further, you can be more verbose.
Thats just it though. I cut out everything but the end.
The end is a massive info dump explaining by not explaining so I needed to show the explanation.
To wrap it up with reflections would do all a disservice I felt.

Wow, I would have loved to have played this game if it wasn't spoiled for me...

But I'll take solace in the fact that you hate it, and thank you for saving me from wasting my time instead.
Sorry to spoil.
I wanted to like it. :/