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PSA: How to Downgrade from Firefox Fenix to Fennec


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Today, I woke up to a lovely little update on my phone. Apparently Mozilla decided to force a mandatory update onto all Firefox users that switched them from the old version of Firefox mobile (Fennec) to a jank ass version of it (Fenix) with a whole BOATLOAD of features gone that are "currently in development" for this version. In addition, the entire about:config page got axed in any version that isn't a beta or a nightly build.

Thankfully, downgrading is a relatively simple process, though annoyingly, you will need a Firefox account to migrate your history and etc. back to the old version. There's probably a way to do it without signing in, but I couldn't be arsed and just wanted a smooth transition so I could move on with my life.

1. Go to Settings and click on the top button to sign up for an account.
2. Once that's done, make sure everything you want is synced.
3. Download this APK to your phone: https://releases.mozilla.org/pub/mobile/releases/68.11.0/android-aarch64/en-US/fennec-68.11.0.en-US.android-aarch64.apk
4. Uninstall Firefox.
5. Install the APK.
6. Sign back in to your Firefox account to get your stuff back. Once you have it all, then you can sign out if you like.

Done! You will still need to reconfigure a few settings though if you had them changed in the past.


See, this is why I'm so leery of auto-updates. You never know when some monkey developers or executives are gonna push out some bullshit that breaks or even flat out removes something or some things you had working perfectly before. In relation to this, there's a rule that Linus Torvalds set regarding Linux kernel development. It's the very first and most important rule. DO NOT BREAK USERSPACE! I think Silicon Valley should try learning that damn rule. Would be nice.
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