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Potential New Sub-Forum + Potential Rule Change


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@Vendor-Lazarus and I have been talking for a little bit about reviews and how it may be better for everyone if they were all put in a new sub-forum with thread prefixes to further categorize them. You can use the powerful filter tools to sort all reviews by category, reviewer, or both. And once we actually update the board software, users will be able to choose which sub-forums they want to see or ignore in the Recent Threads list. Although, keep in mind, you can already do this if you're willing to do a bit of manual work and use the "What's new" tab or just browse to the Watched tab under Forums. The tab bar is actually more powerful than I think most people realize, even if its sorting and watching tools aren't really that useful for us at this time.

The second change proposed would be an edit to Rule #4.

Rule #4 as it currently stands said:
Personal information (PI) of any users on Sanctuary, which is anything that can be used to identify a user or their family members IRL. The only exception to this is if someone posts their own PI publicly on the site. That is it.
PI's still definitely gonna keep being banned, so don't worry. A lifting of that rule is not what's getting proposed. Instead, following the events of KiwiFarms being taken down by CloudFlare, a discussion arose regarding exactly HOW we should deal with PI violations. I proposed expanding the rule a little to instead include not just the PI of members here, but the PI of anyone else, assuming they verify with me directly via email that it is indeed their PI. Houseman proposed going even further and just doing a flat ban of ALL PI, verified or not. I think that would run afoul of some edge cases such as the occasional meme or joke or even might get in the way of someone trying to put in fake PI details in order to obscure the real PI. Nevertheless, Houseman disagrees and believes these edge cases are not really significant enough as compared to needing to trust the Sanctuary admins with their PI to enforce.

Let me know what you guys think about both these changes.


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