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News Regarding our UT2004 Server


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Game server maintainer
So, as our UT2004 tournament event comes to a close, our server has now been rather empty. I know because I checked the demo files. No new ones have been made since. So that settles it. Since everyone has been talking about doing something else for a bit, and since we don't have the raw player numbers to support any kind of big team battle gametypes for UT2004, I kinda feel the same. Just a few pointers though.

1. UT2004 is not going away permanently.

We are going to come back to it again. I was actually quite impressed with how admin-friendly it all really was. The engine capabilties and the modding support cannot be overstated. Plus the community doesn't suck ass, so that's a plus. So, UT2004 will be one of our staple games for some time now I think. Hell, the only reason why I'm even shutting the server down at all is because I don't wanna pay for two servers.

2. I have backed up all the needed server files.

Whenever we want to return to UT2004, we can just buy a server for it again and be on our merry way in about 5 seconds with all our settings preserved.


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Well yeah, no one was really playing anymore these days, and that includes ourselves. No point in keeping it around for now.