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New doctor who is still shit


Lord Inquisitor
Sanctuary legend
Sanctuary contributor
Yeah it's still shit. Yeah I'm still annoyed about it.

They've pulled some stupid mcguffin nonsense, where the time Lords only have regeneration because the doctor was super duper special and was born with the ability to regenerate limitless times and so some time lord Doctor experimented on them and then edited time lord genes to be able to regenerate but only twelve times for some arbitrary reason (just look up a video or something if you want a proper explanation, rather than my cliff notes).
I've completely lost any remaining hope I had for this show. Please for the love of God, fire chibnall and the rest of his creative team and hire literally anyone else.
Monkeys could write more interesting stories and villains, compared to such stand out hits as :
Alien who steals teeth
Not Trump
Giant spiders
Grown man learning to ride a bike
Haunted jizz rags
Climate change bad
And let's not forget, because they haven't been written to death already, cybermen and daleks.

Also the companions are bland and unlikeable.