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Help me find this movie/series


Okay, so this has been bugging me for a while and my totes 1337 internetz skillz have failed me, so...

Years ago, I caught a couple of minutes from some film or series. From what I could gather, it was a time/dimension traveling kind of story, that specific type in which only the character's consciousness actually travels, not their physical body, so they actually inhabit someone else's in this alternate time/dimension... or it might conceivably be a Groundhog Day scenario.

Anyway, the particular scene that stuck in my head was, there had just been a gunfight (which may or may have not ended at this point); the protagonist had just been shot, possibly fatally. I seem to remember there being some kind of threat hanging over the whole situation, a bomb or something like that, but I won't swear by it. What mainly caught my attention was, the protagonist sat back down, shot and having ostensibly failed at whatever it was he had been trying to do, but regardless, he sat back contentedly and smiled, feeling the onset of yet another jump/reset. This was indicated by an overlay of a running water effect over the scene.

Not much to go on, I know, and to make matters worse, I've no idea whether this was a movie or an episode in some series.

"So what do you know, that you could possibly expect anyone to be able to help?", you might quite justifiably ask. Well... I know I watched it some time during 2010, later 2009 at the earliest. It didn't seem all that old to me, so I would guess it must've been from the 80's on. I also know, from looking into it, that it wasn't The Butterfly Effect, Source Code, or any of the Trancer movies.

TL;DR, a 1980-2010 movie/series in which time/dimension traveling or time-looping was indicated by a running water overlay effect.

Oh, and feel free, also, to make this a general "help me remember that movie/series" topic, in the (very likely) event that no one has the slightest clue what I'm talking about... those are always fun.
So, I have a couple of shots at this one, though I'm guessing they are all probably wrong.

I'm thinking either Quantum Leap or Timecop.

Quantum Leap has the lead appear to be different people to others around him (though he always looks like the Scott Bakula to the viewer).

Timecop has a sorta watery effect to its time travel.

Both of these were made in the time frame given.

Not much to go on, but perhaps a start.


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Oh I didn't see this topic at first. Yeah, try PK's suggestions. If not those then I'll see if I can help out.


Thanks for the replies, folks.

I still haven't had time to check those out, will let you know as soon as I do. Quantum Leap looks like a solid suspect to me.


Okay, so I've finally had time to look them up... and sadly, it doesn't appear to be either. Bummer.


Okay, so I got another one... bear with me here.

It was an animated film, probably European (French?), about two children - a girl and a boy - who had been raised by, or at the very least, had a close relationship with, a pair of wolves, from whom they at some point became separated. I think it was set during prehistoric times, and that it begun with an explanation of the early formation of Earth, but what I do remember for a fact is that in the ending, after the children were reunited with their wolf friends/foster parents, the whole thing took quite a surreal turn, and the narration stated something to the effect that they became said wolves - and in fact, the latter crumbled into dust in the kids' arms, and the kids took on their forms.

I still remember this last bit quite distinctly some 30 years later, probably because, while it felt somehow beautiful and poetic (in a rather sad way) to my young self, it was also utterly incomprehensible and a bit disturbing as well.

I'd have probably watched this some time during the 80's, early 90's at the latest, but it looked older; if I was to guess, it must've been made in the 70's.

Needle in a haystack and all that, but... does this ring any bells for anyone out there?

EDIT: D'oh, that's what I get for posting too soon... just found out it was Epic, an Australian - not European - film from 1984. Well, at least that settles that, I guess.

Still looking for the first one, though.
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