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Forum Transition Notes


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So, the move to XF is almost complete! Though... We lost a couple features along the way. Having said that, the forum transition was very much a net positive. And some of those features, we can get back. If... We wanna start paying for them. Or should I say, if I wanna start paying for it.

So first, these are most of the features we gained:
- Responsive design
- Full theme editing tools
- Media Gallery Hook-in
- Resource Manager Hook-in
- Greatly enhanced searching
- Profile comments
- Even greater BBCode control
- Much better "Alert" system for threads and etc.
- Badges
- Banners
- Quoting control
- Group PMs
- Wording template system
- Overall better software stability
- Overall better add-on quality
- Continuous updates
- Professional support

We also gained, with the VPS upgrade:

- 80 GBs of storage to do whatever we want with
- 8 TBs of traffic, up from the 100 GB limit we had
- Dedicated 4 cores of CPU power
- 4 GBs of RAM
- Full server editing through the SSH command line
- Access to both PHP 5.6 and 7.0 (which consequentially gives us the ability to host the first version of Sanctuary for everyone to see now finally.)

This is what we lost:
- Chatbox
- Per-user sub-forum ignoring (Kind of. Staff can now instead control which threads show up in the Recent Topics block.)
- Dice roller (We could get this back, but again, I'd have to pay for it, and I don't wanna do that unless it's actually gonna be used.)
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Screw the chat and dice roller then! 👺 We don't need them! 👺

Although I'm interested in why a dice roller costs money.

I'm personally also not that bothered by not having HTTPS for a while, I usually connect to data points I trust and I'm not that big of a loon that I'm worried about an ISP or govornerment spying on little old me.


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I really would like the chatbox back..or we could always stay more connected on discord.. ..
HTTPS would be good as well. Very good.

I haven't experienced much of either negative or positive encounters with the other stuff..
I think I heard both of these will stop receiving security updates soon.
PHP 5.6's support is slated to end at the end of this year and PHP 7.0's support on the 3rd of December this year.

7.1 should be good up until the first of December 2019,
7.2 up until the end of November 2020
7.3 Isn't out yet, but is expected to be released this December.


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Chat has been restored as pointed out earlier. Just updating this thread as well to keep things neat. Will talk about the current position we are in now sometime later.