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Cinema Fight Club (1999) - It's Time to Talk About It


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Of all the films that are the most relevant to TOTSE (and by direct extension, us), there just never really has been a movie more incredibly on-point with the site's general message than Fight Club. Of course though, Fight Club wasn't only important because it was relevant to some rando site in the 90s and 2000s. Rather, it was a massive delayed-impact cultural nuclear bomb that made everyone look stupid, and even now, we're still feeling its aftereffects decades later. Why? Because it took the social norms and assumptions we were slowly getting sucked into and absolutely brutally EVISCERATED them. The Matrix may have gotten you to question the world around you, but Fight Club actually made you truly question yourself and ask what the fuck you were even doing with your life. Were you just following along and doing everything you were told? Did you ever even attempt to fulfill your dreams? Or have you played it safe and stayed inside your own little world, never questioning anything?

Those aren't really questions people like to ask themselves. And the shittier they are, the more they try to avoid such introspection and also get defensive if the subject is forced upon them. Or they may just simply put the question off. "I'm just too busy to think about stuff like that. I don't need that kind of thinking right now." What's amazing and truly a feat of cinema though is how Fight Club didn't grow less relevant over the years since its release. Instead, it only got more and MORE relevant. Which is actually pretty scary and worrying. We were not supposed to head this way as a society. In an alternate, happier, and more sane timeline, Fight Club should have been a quaint relic of a now bygone era. It should not have remained relevant. But it is, and especially so in 2023. And we have no one to blame for that but ourselves.

Perhaps we'll see the day someday when Fight Club won't have to constantly be brought up as a prime documentary of what's wrong with us and our society. But I guess it isn't this day... I don't care who the fuck you are. I don't care what you believe. I don't even care if you got balls or not. If you're over 18, you need to watch this movie. This is on the Mandatory Movie List of 2023 and probably beyond.