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Elder Scrolls 6 Prediction


Staff member
I posted this on Reddit but I'm gonna post this here just for the record, so you can ignore this post right now if you want.

I predict Microsoft will force everyone to have a Microsoft account to play it, then try to justify it with multiplayer. Then you'll have thousands of people try to defend it with the classic fanboy rallying cry. "It's not that bad! Stop complaining!"

Modding will probably take a SERIOUS hit too, if not entirely vanish. Because Microsoft account DRM. Also probably microtransactions.

And before you come in here and say, "Oh, they wouldn't do that," THEY DID IT TO WINDOWS 11 AND THE XBOX SERIES X. And if you're gonna come in here and instead say, "So what? Being forced to use a Microsoft account is not that bad." First, it was horse armor. Next, it was on-disc DLC. Next, it was the axing of modding so they could sell microtransactions. And now, it's always requiring everyone to "sign-in". What's next? Needing to fill out a form 1099 every time I play a fucking game?

"If you accept less, expect even less next time."

- Favyn (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=cArnH0KSm9I)