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Communities that May Feel at Home Here



They are quarantined and afraid of being banned if they post some content that is being restricted (source).

Why it is important that this community have a home? I think these two comments sum it up well:

1. I hate the murder videos and usually skip over them, but they do open my eyes to a world of suffering and evil I’m not otherwise generally exposed to. This sub is why Brazil isn’t on my travel list. There’s value here outside of macabre fascination.
2. Sometimes seeing what you hate is what can help you become a well rounded and informed person. Most people living in first world countries have absolutely no idea about the daily reality for most human beings. If this woman browsed /r/watchpeopledie she definitely wouldn't have been in this nasty predicament.

Feel free to suggest your own.


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While anyone is welcome to come here...


A long while ago, a site called Zoklet (not your usual family-friendly site) shut down and we got a fuckton of members. Some of them were great members, and there's some that I wish were still with us. But there were also the assholes. And they complained about everything and even acted maliciously against this site a fair few times. And I think we all know what happened then...

The point is though, we're in a real shit place in terms of site activity, so we have to be careful in terms of what members exactly we start courting. And if we start bringing in too many assholes and sick fucks this early, (not saying the entire subreddit is that at all) we WILL probably have to shut down. Again. So, to sum up, they are welcome to come here, but I think with a subreddit like that, it's just too risky to start actively inviting them in this early in the game.
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