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A portal to the Chaos Realm has been reopened...


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Got the idea for this due to andersonnnunes's Unofficial Chat Thread. It seems there is demand for chatting threads and not just the chatbox, so alright. Let's do it. But let's also take it a step further. To quote the sub-forum description, in this chaotic place, infraction-worthy offenses will be ignored completely, but committing any of the seven deadly sins of Sanctuary will still get you banned without warning. So, think Wild West back on the Escapist. But even more Wild Westy. Also, keep in mind that posts here do not count toward your total and threads made here will not appear in the "Latest posts" block or in the "What's new" tab.

Fun fact by the way. This sub-forum actually used to exist as NIMF (Not In My Forum) way back on Sanctuary v1.0 but was removed with v2.0 because I didn't really know if it was a good idea to have. But hey, we're all big boys and girls (unlike the v1.0 community... ), so let's try it out! It may fail spectacularly or it may be super-fun. I have no idea. But I can adjust it as needed or just delete it if it's not working out.


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Seems good. Better than anonymous chans, as pseudonymous boards let you easily moderate your own consumption: if someone is annoying you, use the ignore function of the board (or a client-side filter).