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Halo Online Original MS23 Build

Halo Online Original MS23 Build 1.106708

This was taken straight from archive.org before the download links were pulled. Use 7zip to unpack. Then use the ElDewrito Updater (put into the folder you extracted to) to fully make the game into ElDewrito. The ElDewrito Updater is not included. You can find the Updater here: https://www.reddit.com/r/HaloOnline/wiki/index/download

EDIT (1/24/2019): You can now find MS23 at archive.org again. https://archive.org/details/HaloOnline1.106708CertMs23.7z

This build was made by Saber Interactive and belongs to Microsoft Corp. Sanctuary is in no way affiliated with either party or the ElDewrito team.
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