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VL's Mini-Reviews: Souldiers


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Sanctuary legend
I'd like to pre-face this by saying that it's actually decent. Needs a lot of QoL, but it's quite okay. Ok, got to next to last pyramid boss. Fuck that. Piece of shit game.

Not able to bind mouse buttons. Hard-coded Enter key for tutorial pop-ups and save/fast travel instead of attack key. Sluggish movement. Character in the front 2/3rds of the screen instead of the back or center. No Minimap and too small view of the large map, also makes fast travel a chore. Ledge-grabbing that interferes with fighting and breaks flow & speed, also makes it hard to judge how high/far you can jump. Annoyingly changes one-use items to newest picked up automatically. no automatic drop-collecting, and the coin, mana, stamina, disappear way too quickly. They included foreground items that occasionally occlude vision, and the background blends in too much with the level, sometimes making it difficult to see where platforms begin/end. Being made for blocking and dodging, the ranged mobs tells are too quick for jumping away. Pyramid level is a huge confusing maze in which you'll get stuck several times having no idea where to go and dying to bosses and mobs over and over. Can't double-jump when falling down or after a wall-jump. Saving the game makes it extremely laggy for 2-3 seconds.