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Top 10 Hidden Steam Gems (As of 2019)


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I've been around Steam a lot. Get recommended stuff by Humble Bundle as well sometimes, and over time, I've found and collected some rather obscure but really cool titles. These are my ten games that I'm sure most people haven't heard about but are worth at least a look. The only two real rules is that the game cannot be a AAA game and it cannot have too much press or advertisements for it. (Oh, and towards the end, I'm sure you guys on Sanctuary will recognize the titles there as I've talked about them in the past, but this is written for a general audience.)

10. Eve of Destruction - REDUX VIETNAM

This is the only game on the list that is truly a shit title, but it's one of those so-bad-it's-good games. I first spotted this one on one of Jim Sterling's videos where he wades through crappy Steam games, and when I saw this, I knew... I had to have it. It's broken, buggy, and absolutely fucking hilarious. Now I was gonna put Resident Evil 6 in this spot, but of course, that's very much a AAA game and everyone already knows about that one anyway I feel. So yeah, if you find this on sale, pick it up and have a laugh.

9. MIND Path to Thalamus - Enhanced Edition

One of the games on this list that I haven't had a chance to play yet. But just from the screenshots alone, you can tell that this game is incredibly beautiful. It's almost like a virtual art gallery. Unfortunately though, that seems to be all of what it offers, and the puzzles are bad, so that's why it's #9 on this list. Again, pick it up on sale if you can.

8. Ultimate Epic Battle Simulator

This game has a very interesting concept and it (mostly) delivers. Can get pretty hilarious too to boot. You can just tell that some serious programming went into this game just to make sure the insane amount of AIs running around wouldn't slow the game down to a powerpoint presentation. Hell, the game even has custom content support, AND you can control individual units during a battle as you wish. So what's the catch then? Why is it #8? Well... This game needs just a bit more love in order to be truly great, and it looks like it's never gonna get that. The developer has mostly abandoned this game sadly. Also, beyond that, like most simulators, the game gets old really quickly once you run out of things to create.

7. Antichamber

The second puzzle/adventure game on this list is a pretty trippy one in a great way. The visuals are pretty surreal yet easy to grasp. The puzzle are cool as well, though I think it relies on the cube gun you get a little bit much. Decent little ambient soundtrack as well, and finally, has some text tidbits that talk about life in a weirdly soothing way. Unfortunately though, the developer really burned himself out making this game, and because of that, the ending was clearly rushed and and it just sucks complete ass. Even the developer agrees. But even with that, I'd still recommend playing this game. After all, sometimes the journey itself is the reward.

6. Race The Sun

A fun game to play to pass the time, if difficult. The premise is simple. How many levels can you make it to while dodging obstacles, collecting powerups, and racing against a timer (which you can and have to lengthen)? Honestly, I could really do without racing "against the sun" even though it's in the name. I feel like the timer is just one challenge too many in an already kinda hard game. Further, the game has upgrades for your ship which you have to beat challenges to get. Again, another obstacle you have to overcome. Putting all that aside though, it's honestly a very good and simple game, and for the negatives I just mentioned, your mileage may vary.

5. Murder Miners

Another game I haven't really been able to check out yet, but my friend highly recommends it. It's pretty much Minecraft meets Halo. It supports some types of custom content and it's even got full splitscreen support. Not only that, they add a few unique mechanics of their own to the game. (I really do need to get around to playing this... ) But yeah, definitely check it out.

4. Raptor: Call of the Shadows (1994 Classic Edition)

The only DOS game on this list. Honestly, even after 20+ years, this is still the best top-down scrolling shooter I've ever played. Not too difficult. Not too easy. Well... Actually you may wanna give yourself a lot of money first through a cheat in the game if you plan to do the later levels and you find yourself underequipped. Being underequipped in this game is... Bad. lol Also keep in mind that game difficulty works HEAVILY on a sliding scale. You have the selectable difficulties themselves, and then you have the "sectors" which are the episodes of the game. The easiest being on the top and getting steadily harder as you go down the list. But yeah, also a great little game to pass the time.

3. Trailmakers

After Banjo Kazooie: Nuts and Bolts released, we never really got another good vehicle building game again for a long time. In fact, I still consider their shoes to be unfilled, but if you're willing to make a few sacrifices, you can play Trailmakers on Steam. This is, so far, definitely the best vehicle building game I've seen so far. It's still in early access though. Assuming you're not as picky as me, however, you may enjoy this game a ton!

2. The Beginner's Guide

From the maker of The Stanley Parable, Davey Wreden brings us yet another walking simulator. And you'll be able to see absolutely everything in this game within about an hour, more or less. So why is this game #2 when it's so damn short with zero replay value? Because the delivery, the worlds you see, and the message of the game are so good, I think every gamer should play this once. I'd say more but I don't wanna spoil it. Buy it!

1. CrossCode

Finally, we come to number one. And this one really blew me away as to how insanely packed with content it was. Expect NO LESS than forty hours to beat this game your first time through. And that's being VERY optimistic. After sixty hours, I personally still haven't even gotten close to beating the damn thing and, in the end, chickened out and watched a Let's Play to see the rest of the story. But yes, great world, great characters, great combat, great music, pretty innovative design, maybe not so great side-quests. Definitely a must-buy.

Honorable Mention: OneShot - BARELY disqualified due simply to the reasonably decent amount of press it got. Had it not been for that, it would taken the #2 slot or at very least #3.


And that's all! Be sure to post the hidden gems you've found if you know any!
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I got this one for you, since I have that Shadow Warrior version that comes with it, this is Viscera Cleanup Detail.

This game simply put is about you being a janitor is space, the physics are so so broken sometimes and the game tends to glitch out in some places but its hilarious by what you can do in it. Best part is that its actually multiplayer you can play with your friends and be a janitorial squad together. I also like the fact that its not a competitive game so it feels a lot like an interactive chat room and that is always a nice thing to have. I give you this SovietWomble vid to illustrate my point.