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Sony announces details on PS5 and now has a censorship committee


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It doesn't feel like that long ago that they released the ps4 'Pro', and this doesn't sound much different to that. While i'm glad that they've said it'll still accept physical formats the "cloud-gaming pioneers" does concern me just a little. Apparently it'll have an ssd for storage, and while thats great for load time, its not for actual storage. The ps4 has been terrible with capacity, so much so i had to buy an external just to fit my games, because its insistent on installing everything. You know what i would love though? not having to install every physical game I buy. Thats what i miss about the ps2 and some ps3 titles, just being able to put a disc in and go. no need to spend hours installing and updating.

Oh and they also have a Board of Censorship now

I've know about them cracking down on anime tiddies for awhile now, but this is excessive. What is their problem with big anime tiddies? Even the switch is more relaxed about them


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Nintendo's actually learning from their (large) mistakes in the past. Microsoft and Sony, however, have been totally clueless with how to sell a console, starting with the XOne/PS4. And this new focus on cloud gaming? It's going to end in tears.