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Sanctuary Update - 6/22/2020


Staff member
Game server maintainer
- Unregistered users may now submit threads and posts.
- All threads and posts by unregistered users must go through admin/moderator approval first before they will be displayed.

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Notes: Hoo boy, this is a fun but huge change that I wanted to try out since we currently don't have a huge bunch of people.

Besides needing admin/moderator approval for each post, unregistered posters will also have the following restrictions. They,
- do not have any say whatsoever in official matters of Sanctuary and its events and servers. Any posts or threads with suggestions or complaints will be flat out ignored by all Sanctuary staff.
- cannot register for any official Sanctuary events.
- cannot vote in any polls.
- cannot edit their threads or posts.
- do not have access to any profile customization elements whatsoever.
- cannot pick a username for their posts or threads that a registered member already has.
- cannot PM other members.
- cannot use or view the Chatbox.

"But Arnox," you ask, "won't this let people circumvent bans?" And the answer is sort of. Again, all posts are subject to admin/moderator approval. Also, I will be a little more strict in moderating these posts by looking out for any obvious signs of ban evasion. But, at the end of the day... This feature is not going to last forever anyway. Sooner or later, this will become more hassle than it's worth, and at that point, we will disallow unregistered posting again. For now though, let's just enjoy it while we can still do it.
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