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Sanctuary Update - 12/16/2019


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Game server maintainer
After a short but angry argument on Imgur, I remembered that embedding mp4s on XenForo using Imgur direct links doesn't actually work. This is easily fixed though since XenForo is so damn powerful. Anyway...

- N/A

- Removed the default (and useless) Imgur embed option.

- Added full support for directly embedding Imgur MP4 videos.

Notes: All MP4s are constrained to a 400x300 video, will not autoplay, will start with the volume muted, and will loop. I can change any of these things as needed, but I think these are good parameters for now. Also, a pro tip. If you're using Imgur classic on the PC (and you probably should), just open a private/incognito window in your browser, go to Imgur to quickly get to the beta version of it, and then upload your MP4 from there. That way, you can preserve any sound on your MP4 if you so choose.
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