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Monopoly - Sign ups


Arch Disciple
I invite you all to play a friendly game of Monopoly

Da rulz

Pick your Token (feel free to make your own 64x64)

Player list:
1. Gauche - Hat - 8
2. gaijinkaiju - Ship


We'll be using the chat for dice rolls. Please join the dice rolling room and enable bot messages.
Roll for turn order

/roll 1d6
/roll 1d6

I'll be updating the OP board at the end of the day with who owns what. Updating it based on player location risks misinformation.

Auto-collecting rent is in.
Auctions are out. Fortunately there is no real benefit/reason for a player to allow a property to go to auction. Seriously, you're better off mortgaging for it. Aside from those we can emulate the experience of Monopoly rather well via forum posts. For this to work out though we'll be needing to make detailed posts. Something like

Turn starting cash: ???
Turn starting location: ???
Dice rolls: ?/?
Possible transactions: ???
End location: ???
End cash: ???
Owned property
Mortgaged property

Riveting stuff

If all goes well all you'll need me for are chance/community chest cards. There are 16 each so if you land on one just pick a random number from 1-16. I'll assign them random values beforehand and post which you got. Unfortunately, you'll have to trust me not giving myself the best ones. I wouldn't trust me.
Fun fact: Monopoly Deluxe (1992) only has 15 different chance cards. "Advance token to nearest railroad" is used twice while the "Won a crossword competition" card is entirely absent.

Feel free to stall the game for years until someone sells you all their property for a dollar. It ain't against the rules.

I'll provide all the deeds and stuff once this ever fills up.
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Sign me up, I love monopoly. I'll take the little ship token