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It's time for us to pivot to anatomical art!


Staff member
You know, I was sitting in front of my computer one day and I said to myself, "You know what? We need more beauty in Sanctuary." And then, a giant knocker of an idea came to me! A place where anyone can share beauty. Yes, freedom of sexual expression is what we're all about now. We need to show off and fill in this aching hole that has been so vacant for so long in Sanctuary. Cute men and women (who abide by Sanctuary rules) should populate more of our forum. So don't worry everyone. I've taken it upon myself. We are now cocked and loaded with love and sexy goodness.

To further our goals of freedom of sexual expresson, I have helpfully made these changes:

- All forums and comics have been disabled except the site sub-forums and the Flesh Art sub-forum
- Changed our ads to reflect our new focus
- Added a new banging theme
- Helpfully disabled all the other themes
- No more forums that blow, unless you want it

I'm glad we've all came to our senses.