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Find Games by Technical Details


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Wikipedia used to have articles with lists of games that used DirectX 10, 11 and 12. Copycats still have the article, but they vanished even from the deletion logs from Wikipedia. They still have other lists of games by other technical details, so I don't know why these DirectX pages were deleted.

Searching on Steam for "DirectX 12", some games that do use DirectX 12 support don't appear on the results. GOG shows none. I am out of ideas. Is there any other place to get accurate, curated and compiled information about which games use which tech?


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Here's the thing. As long as you have at least Windows 7 (and honestly, you should), you should be able to run any game past DOS, so to be quite honest, I just don't see the point in needing to know the required DirectX version. Keep in mind though that most of the time, a game's official system requirements will have the required DirectX version listed.