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Cinema Doctor Strange and the Multiverse of Madness (2022) - Two Steps Forward, Two Steps Back


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Not sure where to begin here. This movie was slinging around plots and plot devices hard and fast. But basically none of them were handled particularly well. There were so many cool things I saw and many very cool possibilities introduced, but it seemed every time I found myself nodding and looking forward to the next part in excitement, I would get disappointed right after. I see this movie was directed by Sam Raimi, so clearly some talent was involved in this. Perhaps this was a situation much like Peter Jackson found himself in where he had to salvage the movie from what little the studio execs gave him.

Regardless, the movie crosses the finish line. It doesn't do so well and it's choking on fumes, but it gets there, and at very least it gave us some cool ideas and some cool scenery, so I don't hate it. But I am definitely disappointed and sad we never got to see this movie written to be what it could have been.


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Eh it was fine, I enjoyed it enough. Elizabeth Olsen did a great job in my opinion with the material she had to work with. The character of America Chavez just felt unnecessary and a bit forced like it was there to fill the racial and bilingual quota along with her having 2 moms used to fill the gay quota, however barring that stuff the character itself has potential but it needs better use.


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It lost me when Mr. Fantastic enters in backwards
Smartest guy in the world can't even manage to portal in forward

along with her having 2 moms used to fill the gay quota
a listicle said:
On the one hand, yeeting America Chavez's two moms through a multiversal portal makes for a truly epic way to go. On the other, we could also just not? The MCU is already woefully short on LGBTQ representation, so did we really need to off this beautiful couple as an origin-story plot point?
Fictional LGBTQ characters deserve to die just like listiclers


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haven't watched a marvel movie since endgame. Haven't felt a need either, endgame wrapped everything up. Now they're just trying to recapture the hype of the first three phases.
That, and the fact that marvel/disney are taking a quantity over quality approach. The first three phases worked, in part due to that each movie stands on its own. But now you've got to have watched every movie and tv show before the newest movie comes out, other wise you're not going to know who skippy mcdippy is or why he's after the latest mcguffin


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Shame. I sort-of liked the first Doctor Strange movie. The comics were hit and miss back when I read a few issues from the 80's.

I knew it would be trash, so the last one I watched was Ant-man and the Wasp (2018!). One year before Endgame(2019).