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A modern card game that focuses on a story.

You play as the new kid on her first day of school. You make friends and save the world over the course of a week. That be it.
There is no free duel or local/online multiplayer.

The newest craze at school is Power Pets, a card game based on the popular in-universe cartoon show Mega Mutant Power Pets in which pets get mutated after being exposed to Goo that came from space.

There are 4 factions. Meowtants, Woofians, Sinissers and the Pipsqueaks. You win by reducing the enemies champion to 0 HP using a combination of tactics/mutations.

The game has a bit of style behind it. Upon boot you get hit with the theme song for the cartoon show and the main menu features random card art from a pool. The halls are decked with pop culture while the dialogue oozes gradeschool lingo.

You can power up your cards with stickers as the kids have agreed to a legal system.

One can also trade using cards or snacks.

My main complaint with the game is that there is no reward for winning duels with others. You don't get cards, stickers or snacks. There is no insentive. The aqusition of such things are locked behind story events or side quests. To add to this the story quests eventually force you to change the rules of the game permanently gimping/strengthening factions.

I've never seen a card game try so hard to make me not care about the card game but maybe that makes it the best one of them all.