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Car chases suck


Movies tend to drag out screen time with a car chase - James Bond films especially
They take me out of whatever I'm viewing to the point that it just turns into me waiting for them to end
Jump cuts, engine revs, tires screeches, horn honks, ramp jumps, an explosion and destroyed fruit carts do nothing to keep me engaged
When the chase starts you know 90% of the time nothing of value will happen until the cars stop

The newest batman film features a car chase and guess what happens in those 5 minutes?
Absolutely nothing until the cars stop.
This is then followed by batman getting out of the batmobile, slowly walking over to the vehicle he was chasing, bending down to look at the fleeing suspect and then boom jump cut to a different location free of cars, fuck exchanging car insurance info.

Your membership to The Continental has been, by thine own hand, revoked.

Nothing happens

I mean, is he retarded?
'Retarded' means slow. Was he slow?

Nothing happens

She went under the wheels.

Finally, a thing happened.


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It would be cool if the cars were actually driven by the actors, like in a Jackie Chan parkour foot-chase. Then you could see the "mechanical athleticism" of the actors and choreography on display.

Apparently, there's a Netflix movie called "Extraction" that I've never heard of, and it has a 12-minute one-shot scene that includes two car chases and a foot chase, not in that order. Maybe you'd like that?
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It would be cool if the cars were actually driven by the actors
Sometimes they are. The Fast and the Furious (1 and 2) and (if I remember correctly) Baby Driver's lead actor are doing all the car stunts by themselves for example.