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Bad or Boring. Which is worse?

Bad or Boring. Which is worse?

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Finished rage 2 recently and thought the whole thing was boring, but it got me thinking about what's worse. If a game is bad, or if its boring?
Somthing can be bad but you can still enjoy it for one reason or the other, i.e GTA Online, but if somethings boring then you're obviously not enjoying it regardless of whether its bad or not.
Was curious to see what other people thought. For me, boring is worse for the above reason


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On a 2D plane, love and hate are opposites..but in the 3D plane, they share the same side of the coin, not the reverse.


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Actually it depends on what you'd consider "worse". In terms of development, being boring is definitely preferred if one or the other had to be chosen, but for players, it's better for them if the game is just bad.


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I've played both Rage games and Rage 2 has the same problem as the first Rage, the gameplay might be fun specifically the gun play which was enhanced a lot in Rage 2 imo with the addition of the wacky powers. Everything else however is absolutely bland, the racing element is really boring overall, the world is almost completely empty save for the outposts that you can raid and take over, and this is almost a carbon copy of outpost clearing from Far Cry 3 in most cases. The story is bland too, characters are pretty generic and have a lot of cheesy one liners or cliched dialogues so they don't really stand out at all. On the visual aspects its pretty ok overall, the whole neon and wacky color combinations give it a distinct style.

Rage 2 is not a bad game, but it gets boring after a while because it gets really repetitive and there's nothing inside the game to keep you going since all the side activities are pretty boring and the story itself is one big meh.

Going back to the whole point of the post though, a boring game is not necessarily bad its just that what it offers is not enough to keep interest, I'd rather try out a boring one with some good elements and see how far I can keep interest in it.